Look at the domain name and program selection of talent network from the construction of Changde Tal

started from the middle of last year, I and a few friends team began to plan a production site personnel, mainly for local Changde talent network, relying on the advantages of our high flow changdebbs.com Changde forum, the development of talent network to achieve commercial operation.

, but talent network from the beginning encountered a problem, mainly focused on the domain name and program selection, mainly divided into the following aspects:

1: good domain names are all registered

as long as the local talent network, whether it is +job code, +hr code, or xxrcw.com, such easy to remember domain name and promotion by customers, as early as a few years ago and has been registered by a space, and you hardly from their hands for the acquisition, because many of these registers are wait for the right price to sell. The price is very high, or is the talent website group, a large area spread local talent network, a station group size, in order to attract local people to pay the initial fee to join.

game: no good choose a poor, mostly relying on talent network to realize the flow of search engine, as long as the domain name right also, finally, we have all tried in association with "Changde talent net" domain name query, the final choice of the 0736zpw.com Changde code in the form of +zpw, the recruitment network Changde, of course the most important keywords Changde talent network.

2: program selection

talent network program have good professional programs on the Internet, but if you want to make two times the processing, it must buy open-source version and open-source version of hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of such procedures as.Net+mssql, php+mysql, were investigated such as Zhituo and fat of the two degree high commercial program after that is not very suitable, not suitable for the further development of the final deployment, and other ASP programs are more in terms of security is a long-standing problem, so the program is placed in front of a stumbling block.

measures: the conditions of course develop their own language! PHP and.NET are safe, and load as the first element, the most important is the need for the team, at any time to develop can grasp the initiative, of course, if does not have the ability to develop, select Zhituo or fertilizer is the best choice.

Changde talent network www.0736zpw.com from concept to operation has been spent more than half a year, now is still in the process of testing, we provide to our development suggestions are welcome, if there is a better domain name can also initiate purchase offers to us, thank you!

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