A grassroots Adsense entrepreneurial story of action, creating wealth

from 2009 October to April 2010 decided to resign to entrepreneurship, today has been half a year, time flies, b.. Sometimes passionate busy pitch-dark, sometimes confused at a loss in a complete mess. Like the sunny sky, at least look up the warm feeling of the heart, and most cloudy days, my mind seems to be enveloped in a closed bag, can not break free.

me with a big dog to start the network at the end of 2009, the big dog was dogged by bad luck, first fell from the stairs, and then made the hemorrhoids back home for surgery, it is said that eating more than 1 weeks of bananas, what is suffering. I am the only one left in Harbin held, at that time the most afraid of customers come to discuss business, why? The reason is if the client comes, I am a person, although the studio, but also is very quiet, no facade. When the dog to recuperate, I made a list, every day is desolate, and the northeast cold day, it is for me to live alone with a hint of sadness. But I still insist, because from the day I started the business, I told myself, this road must adhere to go on. Everyone has a way of success for everyone, without the best, only the most suitable. For the time being, the path I have chosen is the best for me.

fortunately, my studio is not far from the winter winter school, every week he can come to see me, every time she came to see me, I became one of the most happy things every week. When mother came back from Beijing to me for a few days, more than 1 years of time and meet with the mother, she suddenly felt a lot of old, the mother in this life to live, suddenly many warm, warm meals every day, as long as I sit in front of the computer will be able to get the site. When mom sent back to Beijing, there are two big heavy bag, a mother took me a, to the station because my bag is too heavy, it is recommended to buy a cart, the mother walked several ask price, or decide not to buy, but dozens of pieces. Before I got on the bus, I saw my mother’s little body, with a heavy parcel on her back, and a fit of pain in her mind. Just for the sake of life.

After the

client’s website was completed, I didn’t pick up the list because a person was always a little busy, after all, the big dog wasn’t here. So began operating Taobao, selling mobile phone recharge and training courses. To sell in January 2010, has been up to the diamond, but did not go too much money at that time, just want to, a month’s time to go to the 1 thousand blocks on the line, to maintain life, such as the dog back to develop our business. Do Taobao addictive, especially heard Ding Dong sound the buyer has to pay the sound, is full of excitement. I do not do any mobile phone recharge agent, but directly use online banking directly, the face value of 10 yuan to sell 9.8 yuan, I also lost 20 Fen, is to earn a reputation, this method has proved very effective, even some of the high credibility of the recharge sellers see me this cheap, I bought it to recharge their own customers. But it doesn’t matter. I earn credibility. I >

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