3 main points of website construction to avoid being fooled

tourism’s future in the network, this is the industry irrefutable fact. As a direct practitioner of the tourism industry, the quality of the future business volume of travel agencies can almost be regarded as the good or bad of the travel agency in the online marketing of travel agencies. The travel agency website is the direct foundation of the travel agency’s online marketing, and it is the direct platform for attracting tourists online. Therefore, in the travel agency website construction absolutely can not be vague. However, because travel agents are still at the primary level in the understanding of tourism network marketing, they will inevitably be fooled by some unscrupulous website construction institutions and spend money without pleasing them. I have my own understanding of the travel agency website construction put forward some simple views, hoping to give some reference to the friends of the industry.

1, the domain name, the host’s price must achieve in the heart has the spectrum


domain name, the price of the host to do heart spectrum, don’t listen to the website construction mechanism of unscrupulous side. To the industry’s well-known domain name, web hosting provider (called IDC) to go around, such as Chinese name, million net, net fast web site to see the price, in this one, to avoid being cheated.

two, travel agency website procedures, the general price of

travel agency website program price according to the exquisite degree, the workload will be different in different prices, but the ordinary travel website program in about 1000 to 2000, do not listen to some well-known website construction agency said, first-class technology so high fees of lies, they are staring at your purse. You can also go to some Witkey platform to release the site construction task, naturally, there are folk experts to help you build a website, you can understand your website program, how much money to spend, goods than three do not suffer.

three, travel agency website establishment is second, the key is in the travel agency website promotion,

After the

travel agency website has been built, the work has just begun, and the most important thing is to promote the travel agency website and bring real traffic, so as to bring real orders. Planning your website main keywords, add original content to the site, increase the chain, modify the website pictures of the alt attribute, write website meta tags, increase the site’s main keyword density, outside the station to carry out a series of promotion, promotion of the website in the search engine ranking key word · · · · ·; have to do many things, if you can’t handle, pinch you can ask a professional tourism website promotion personnel, full-time staff to do seo. In short, those that use SEO means site can bring traffic organization website construction is all nonsense, regardless of whether he is well-known. Tourism website promotion is the main work of the travel agency network marketing, can bring traffic, bring orders, bring money.

so much, the well-known travel website construction, mechanism of first-class technology proposed in this paper is intended. China’s travel agency online marketing has just begun, hoping for a wave of tourism e-commerce

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