Baidu, you let me have stock feeling

as a webmaster, the most concerned about is the site Baidu collection and Baidu weight, this period of time, Baidu problems more. Many webmaster every day to open a computer, must do is to Baidu site about their web site. Look at the site included in the rise, but also worried about the reduction of their site included. Really a little in stock feeling, every day worried about the site included in the slump, even by K, and every day looking forward to his website included skyrocketing. I do not stock, I also hate the stock of life, but I now have the same feeling stocks.

my web site for more than two months, every day diligently, every day the manual update. The Baidu did not mistreat me, always pay off. My website included very good, just send an article included an article. But since two weeks ago, Baidu has been reducing my site. From 1200p—961p—571p–336p–350p–5p. During this period, I have always insisted on updating, I did not relax. My site included the overall reduction, and the middle of an increase is 336p–350p, this time I thought Baidu began to resume my site included, but today my site has become 5p collection. Baidu makes me nervous, people feel not in the station, but in the game.

anyway, I still understand, do stand must be practical, to insist, or your station even game opportunities are not. Now do not understand is that my site included serious reduction, but the weight did not drop, but on the rise. Also, Baidu now reduce the collection of severe, if my station is normal recently, or less, I am worried about is that Baidu will think that I stood cheating and reduce my collection.

recently tortured Baidu, and today it’s 5 pages, barely shaved. A bit of a shock, but also a little tired, so today gave yourself a day off, after the site of the first day did not update the site, and today, continue to work hard. My website is hip-hop online: I hope that guy helps me and see if there’s anything wrong with my station. Included in the reduction is a small matter, I am afraid that my site is a problem, and now I am most worried about is this. If the site has a problem, I insist that every update is no good. My QQ is: 635589853. The younger brother knelt to thank.

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