Happiness movie station six strokes teach you how to reduce Copyright Disputes

novice webmaster chat with friends do not know what to do online website, many predecessors have said in the industry websites and e-commerce is very promising, but the novice webmaster do industry website has no experience, do e-commerce no money, only to do some non mainstream QQ and entertainment sites, many friends choose free movie website, the reason is to use low cost with free movie website, users, promotion is simple, easy to flow, but we all know that the movie website copyright check is very powerful, so how to reduce or avoid copyright problems, the author summarizes the following 6 points, hope to help a friend to the movie website.

movie does not store local server

suggest the webmaster not through their own local server to provide users with only videos, movies or video links for users, some friends asked the station Daolian film has no copyright problem? Technically, hotlinking movie website, also belong to the infringement, but to bear the joint liability is not the main responsibility, so avoid the possibility being investigated. Now many online popular movie programs such as Marx, our network to provide the service, so the technology is not what hotlinking problem,

site does not show specific hits

in general, the loss of a copyright in a copyright lawsuit is mainly determined by the number of hits made by the movie. Click more, indicating that many users to watch, the impact of a wide range, and thus the copyright side caused great losses. Click less, it shows that users watch less, the scope of influence is narrow, so the loss caused to the copyright side is also small. The number of clicks is mainly determined by the program itself. Therefore, you can effectively reduce the copyright risk by adjusting the number of clicks. After all, no copyright party would like to work too hard on an unknown film station because there is no water for them.

large sites pay attention to decentralized traffic

suggests that large movie sites, especially those at IP over 100 thousand, would be better off setting up a sub station and introducing the main station’s traffic into the sub station for traffic diversion. Because the movie copyright, because of cost considerations, tend to be the main target in the large movie website, and heavy traffic sites properly dispersed flow, can effectively reduce the hidden target, copyright business website for the attention, reduced to the maximum extent because the risk brought by the right version of website.

site doesn’t do illegal content,

there are many movie owners in the beginning of Web site, suffer from the site, no traffic on the move from the wrong head, put some edge ball content of film and television, movies and even yellow movies to attract popularity. Again, I do not suggest you do so. Yellow content of the film, although a short time to attract popularity, but once caught, the consequences are very serious, some time ago in Hunan, Huaihua, a movie station through yellow power >

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