Qualified webmaster should have 5 abilities

do a Chinese webmaster, sometimes I think, maybe I’m a hapless webmaster, after 3 years, and now there is no better station.

just started doing webmaster, do not know ASP PHP c++.Net, only know HTML language. The first corn was registered in the small agent, and the first site did half, and found that the agent ran away and disappeared.

later read an article and knew why.

hey, what are you talking about, huh?. I’d like to have 3 years of experience.



must be speculation, not gouweixudiao, also to blockbuster, fart must support strength into blasting, network is not speculation, not climate.


must understand the network ready CMS, and now do manual station, original, do stand are model workers. The same old horse. You can’t make money by making a living. So we must learn copy, we must learn to collect.


webmaster minimum flow requirements is this: 1000IP below is a personal home page. The following is 10000ip lovers do play, 30 thousand IP is small owners, more than 100 thousand IP is medium webmaster, more than 200 thousand IP is a good mix of webmaster, more than 500 thousand IP called great master, this time you can Diao, can ignore people, to attend various meetings. 1 million IP or more in order to be called idol. See the flow, see IP speak, so don’t see the webmaster worship.


webmaster must learn, those who have neither learning nor skill by some smart, do, soon can’t do webmaster, competition, only to learn, not stop efforts to stay in the head of the permanent position.

personally think the most important thing:

do learn Thanksgiving, the network people help you, you have to help others, you can not find the person who helped you, you have to give your thanks to the heart, to convey to others, to give more people a gift, you will find that you will be taken care of. No one else to find you do a link, you SITE found not included, he said is new station, and then you did not respond.

felt 3 years passed, and returned to the original point. All the stations are closed at the first stage.

, start all over again. My new station, QQ space station, www.qqspacer.com

, I hope you can support me, and you can also find me to communicate with qq476206667

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