The survival of local property networks

station is also nearly 2 years, she had a decent local real estate net, Zhuzhou real estate information network, from the beginning of the IP on a digit to the present day nearly one thousand. Although not many, but found himself in the past few months of effort is not in vain, ah, here by the way to talk about their experience in the property site. Still not long winded, directly into the subject. What you do for your website? In order to make money, whether you can make money in the final analysis or not depends on whether your website can bring a large number of visitors. In other words, how to expand their visibility of the site? Improve keyword rankings? Well, I give some methods I tested


one, first of all, to enrich their website, you can not let visitors come in, you feel your site is a garbage station. Otherwise, a lot of IP will be lost. Isn’t it a waste,


two, optimize the page code, the station link is complete, there is no death.

three, go to some real estate agents there to do publicity, and they say that our website can be free to help him publicity. Although it is free, but this also virtually expanded the popularity of the site in the local.

four, I also prefer to print some black and white advertising, advertising does not have to be very fancy, just printed on the white paper on the website name, web site on the line. Stick to some community bulletin boards. (strongly recommend this approach, the cost is very low, and immediate results, can be effective on the same day oh)

five, do more friends chain, don’t be too picky website PR, as long as Baidu normal included, regular website on the line.

above is a practice I have received, but also welcome you to communicate with me. My website is QQ:510042529 (Note: A5)

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