Tomb-sweeping Day for an empty net funeral and burial to the sun

lead: a 11 year old has engaged in the funeral industry 80 boys, 2014 made a funeral industry internet platform: a space network. He hopes to spread the culture of filial piety, hoping to change a lot of chaos in the funeral industry.

this is an entrepreneurial story.

a 11 years old has engaged in the funeral industry 80 boys, 2014 made a funeral industry internet platform: a space network. At the end of March 2015, a space network officially launched beta, using B2B2C+O2O mode, has become the first China life after a one-stop service platform. At the same time, the world’s first 3D printing Urn "released, 100 year plan" the sky clouds "in an empty casket sold online, the price of 11111 yuan.

this is not just a business story.

as the cohesion of the funeral industry dying miss and the ancient customs of the obscure, qianyiji market chaos. But the fundamental significance of the funeral where? The 80 boys think, should slowly simplify the funeral and interment, filial piety in the moment: living relatives, how to care and filial piety; dying, thoughts.


life and death

The hero of the

story is Ma Lei.

Ma Lei’s father is a doctor and his mother in the clothing business in front of the hospital, will also help others. Therefore, Ma Lei came to the funeral from the urine. When he was a child, he felt that selling funeral supplies is a good business, because only the sale of the guests will not bargain, and even hope that the more expensive the better.

until the age of 11. Father took Ma Lei to Hefei to play, passing by a place called three filial piety mouth. There, he heard a story, "in ancient times, Zhang Mei Zhang Zhu, Zhang Song three brothers wake, suddenly one day your neighbor fire bring disaster to Zhang, the three brothers moved with less, so flutter in the above Leiruyuxia regardless of personal danger. Put out the fire, three people are dead, but the CuO coffin nondestructive." Ma Lei deeply touched, they vow to engaged in the funeral industry, promote the culture of filial piety.

graduated from the University, has been in television, Real Estate Company internship, and even opened a restaurant Ma Lei has not forgotten his ideal. In 2008, he thought of the development of the cemetery, but the cemetery is a monopoly industry development, ordinary people simply can not enter. Ma Lei would like to sell cemetery cemetery company." This industry is very old, very traditional, general hospital is the entrance of the store, there is such a company or agent will to the funeral home, and we buy the cemetery are very blind, I would like to put the cemetery on a platform above to do. I have a good name, called three filial piety hall".

but the idea was frustrated by the strong opposition of his parents." They believe that more than and 20 years of age, the character is not qualitative, will be affected by the industry. Ma Lei said.

2012, Ma Lei received a phone call by

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