Taobao guest 2014, what did you get

in the twinkling of an eye 2014 flew off, chase catch up, quietly thinking, 2014 leave what to us? I think the 2014 harvest what? In addition to age year, rose a little weight, long hair a little bit at the beginning of a driver’s license won the hand, life like other harvest no, can not help but sigh and wasted a year of youth.

but the lack of success in my job is a simple summary of my 2014 in a few small ways.


as Taobao guest moderator, I am honored to say that I have harvested a large number of friends, not only businessmen, Taobao customers, from the media and so on.

has a new knowledge of Taobao customers,

Taobao customers is a very tall promotion technology, is to walk in the forefront of promotion technology, all the promotion methods are studied, and in-depth operation, innovation, some aspects of promotion techniques. Throughout the promotion of some products, in fact, very similar, but Taobao customers have to do the acme of promotion.

Taobao group

if 2014, what the growth, is undoubtedly increase A5 Taobao customers, there are tens of thousands of people, big and small guest come together to share.

, Taobao, newbie,

river before finishing off a dry cargo post, may be more general, similar to a guest Taobao map, detailed enough, then we at Taobao guest novice, compiled a special literacy based system, the Taobao off into the door: from alimama account registration, the basic concepts, rules, promotion skills etc. aspects of start, help Taobao guest novice can get started quickly, we also built a Taobao customer novice exchange group (385312698), everyone exchanges.

Taobao lecture

Taobao Guest Lecture Summary post:

, from beginning to now more than 50, remember last year before the Spring Festival last day Taobao customer share is black, then, the number of only five or six people, after a year of development, we can each lecture in more than two hundred people, the maximum can reach five hundred or six hundred, I have lectures by the more and more customers are familiar with Taobao when every Thursday, just days up, there are a lot of positive buddy has entered the channel (YY96009188), waiting for the start of the 8:30. The river also formed a bad habit in imperceptibly, each lecture before the total drag a few minutes to play love small ads, thank you for your acceptance, in the end of the lecture and talk together. "

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