Talk about the influence of new P address on website Collection

as the great people have said, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.".

if I didn’t change the IP address, maybe I wouldn’t have the following conjecture. So, in August 28, 2007, I bought a VPS host, IDC is assigned an IP address, the latest film

, according to IDC, the IP address is the new assigned IP address, which no one has used before. This is certainly a good thing. At least I don’t have to worry that the IP address was previously used by Spammer, or has been punished by SE. Thus, in the VPS host placed a new station, and will be included in a SE and updates are normal sites are also placed in the VPS host. 10 days later, the problem appeared: the 2-3 days will be able to be included in the search engine master in 10 days later, still not included, and SE every day to grab the old site is no longer SE update.

in view of this situation, at first I doubted the quality of the IP address. I thought the IP address was punished by the search engine, and the new IP address of IDC was doubtful. Then contact the IDC technician to get a very sure answer from the IDC that the IP address is indeed the new assigned IP address. Since the answer is so sure, then for a time believe IDC statement, nothing need to move, and then observe a few days. By September 15th, new sites were collected, and old stations were still not updated by search engines.

speculated that the conclusion is that the search engine has a period of adaptation for the Internet was first opened in the IP address, IP address enabled later after several days of "running" to be search engine grab. Of course, this is only a guess, or it happens to be a search engine internal tuning algorithm. This article is written with friends who encounter similar problems.

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