My views on local stations

I have been in recent years all attention on ADMIN5, see a lot of friends say some about local station operators and the construction of the article, I want to talk a little bit of my own views, I hope you bear, I am writing, technology and experience are limited.

now do the website, I believe that everyone, like me, feel that technology is not the most important, understand ASP, HTML, and then point PS and flash, you can almost complete a web site you can run. The main thing is promotion and profitability, how to achieve a really small problem. I’m following up a few points, I hope to be of some use to you.

1: the news station should do some ZF and local cooperation and the media, after all, to engage their own original news is not so simple, so must and relevant departments to improve relations, such as "I stand here is not to write out, lest said AD" and the propaganda department is here for the last. The construction of a nationwide in the US started, the Propaganda Department issued a press card to us, so that you can take your camera and take no one of you, ha ha. The above is just one example. There’s a lot of flexibility to do on this. I think this one is very important, no matter where you stand. Remember,


2: local station can stick to the user’s forum and blog, so improve the promotion of these forums is also very good, because people feel interesting words, it is an effect of a forum to you. Specific is to treat every forum users, I just started doing the local station soon. But I just don’t let go of every friend who comes to the forum. For example, some Internet users even post will not "depressed", I will patiently teach him, until learned so far. Some now become moderators. Severe o (a _ U) o…. There is a forum for users to post every moment to pay attention to, to reply, so that people know the post, or no gray hair, but also to some of the garbage information clean-up. Such as popularity, you can hold the floor and sweepstakes, these activities to stimulate the activity of the forum

3: the website should pay attention to use one station as far as possible. You know, now users are very lazy, so the registration process should not be too complicated. I want to have a local station originally classmates at the top, then think this function gets the search traffic is still very good, go to the source station a classmate in the above recording, < note: I technology is not good, the development is not necessarily good > but not integrated in the network station. The need to be registered. Hang for a period of time not a few people to register my withdrawal, and then use the blog program main function to realize the classmates, the effect was good. Just install some more nifty templates,

4: and website, blog and QQ group cooperation, and there is offline activities. I’m not very successful about that. I’m currently working with some local QQ groups to do some offline party activities,

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