Tell you the secrets of Baidu Google by personal experience

first talk about, Google is included within two hours (September 22nd), Baidu was included in October 9th (18 days), and included keywords in Baidu ranked eighth, Google ranked 5

first, I was a novice, originally for other sites did the promotion, the promotion of pure forum, SEO didn’t feel completely, just as other traffic promotion website forum on the forum, at present are still doing the job for a month, three or four sites, a month can earn two thousand or three thousand yuan. But later found that such promotion is very unstable, the site developed to a certain period of time, the other party will not be a person. Because of the website and the forum development to a certain extent, the early promotion of forum has little effect, and relatively high salaries expenses, an excuse not to do. So on the germination of a station to try hand.


do promotion, often to the webmaster nets see things, learning promotion skills, but also have high school website, SEO fur, gradually under the influence, or do you want to do a station to experience a feeling, when the owners of the pleasure.

must first choose a target yo, because of personal love casual things, so much deliberation, leisure — happy — happy laughs jokes, well, he was a joke, joke, station. To Baidu for a look, ha ha, Baidu index, joke more than 30000 people a day to see it?. It’s hot.

here is the true story of the book, the first is the application domain name, see the stationmaster net article, do a joke station, and the key to joke corn stick sides, selected for a long time, we chose the domain name, xiaohua01, although there is no Xiaohua calendar harm, but they also do not happy net 01 no, not so prosperous. Then add the content…. (this will be later), followed by submission to Baidu, Google and other search engines, first talk about, Google is included within two hours (September 22nd), Baidu is included in October 9th (18 days)


1. is included in skill, not blowing stationmaster net, is the fact that is in the webmaster nets see something specific that one is not clear, that is our own website to sell things, but not for the chain, one is the text in the PR high site advertising. (the majority of friends are not). The two is to the site by fanchon way out, this is very simple, road to listen to me slowly. More, we have heard, Baidu collection, QQ bookmark, ha, I have done these, really let Google soon included is the 365key network, you see, the other can not engage in this, to the website, register a user name in the network above, then crazy fanchon own website more than ten pages, as long as the Google update, your site will be included. I tried two stations, and the other is a beauty station, also included in two hours.

2. Baidu included skills (first >

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