SEO competitor analysis ultimate strategy

although many of our friends is a professional SEOER, but in SEO analysis of competitors, certainly will be very troublesome, especially in some unconventional competitors, it included volume is not updated snapshot lag, the chain is not much, but have a very good website, feel it more headaches, I now do website promotion, the keyword is "Zhuhai website construction" is in the master SEO is used to analyze the competitors for them is a headache, today we have systematically from conventional to particular I do SEO analysis of competitors, hope to help the majority of practitioners.


if you’ve just touched a new website promotion, we’re going to be

1, analysis of the current situation of the site, put forward the rectification opinion, optimize from the inside.

2, SEO competitors analyze competitors, look at their rankings and resource status, thus analyzing the timing and intensity of the effort.

personally, I’ve always thought that everything is reasonable. It’s absolutely impossible to get out of the air. People are in front of you. There must be some reason. Let’s analyze.

routine analysis:

believes that as long as a little understanding of website promotion friends, can generally analyze one or two, I briefly said.

, 1, SEO competitor website age analysis,

, A, query competition domain name whois information, determine the general scope of

, B, find competitors, include websites, the oldest snapshot date of principle.

in these two ways, you can accurately determine competitors, domain name registration time, and site establishment time.

2 and SEO competitor server stability analysis.

A, check the server’s IP, what line, where, and how many web addresses are there on the current IP?.

B, analyzes the type and quality of other websites on the current IP site, calculates the quality and hierarchy of his server, and the possibility of being penalized.

details determine success or failure, and this information is useful.

3 and SEO competitor volume analysis

, A, analysis competitor website, currently included in total

B, check competitors, the latest day, the amount of a week.

C, open competitor website, analyse competitor column amount, total article amount

through the above analysis, you can roughly determine the competitor’s daily updates, including the time distribution, included in the total amount and the proportion of the total amount of articles, and so on, you can calculate a lot of things.

4, the PR value and the chain analysis

, A, >

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