The 10 risk and coping strategies of black brother inside the station

2009 will be a watershed, personal video, movies, music, novels, servers, game, entertainment websites will slowly disappear, after the disaster of 2009, personal webmaster will mianbisiguo, in 2010 from the new planning goals, standing long will have to e-commerce, local segments, industry segments, professional technical services, personal website to enter.

black brother admire our personal webmaster countrymen, owners need to endure a lot of combat, bear a lot of risk, the risk is below 10 for personal webmaster true portrayal, while black brother also provides 10 strategies, hope to help the webmaster.

risk one: national supervision more and more strict

2009 December, for the webmaster, as if had a nightmare, overnight, all the ideals and hopes are dashed in an instant. From the beginning of the BT site closed, then another wave of copyright, thorough investigation of websites, movies, video games, novels, websites continued close, then sweep events, resulting in a large number of room off the network, personal websites have been shut down, and then is the site of numerous K, and then the man is forbidden to register CN domain name, domain name by white list system, resulting in a large number of sites and the collapse of IDC, the state has issued audit the authenticity of the information site for the record, the record is a special forum and other policies, individual stationmaster really dead?

coping strategy:

the face of the 2009 reshuffle, personal webmaster should start 2010 with the right attitude, Jingxiaxinlai think, according to its own strengths and abilities, to meet national policy conditions, good planning of the regular site, such as to the electronic commerce industry subdivision website, local subdivision website, other technical, professional segments of sites, there are great opportunities for development.

risk two: Baidu is getting harder and harder to " wait on "

Since Baidu launched

wind nest, personal webmaster optimization is becoming more and more difficult to do, depending on the search engine station basically no way out, some keywords personal website also decreased, more and more attention to the quality of website content, website of the original. Because personal Adsense energy is limited, most of the collection or pseudo original, so the wind after the start of the nest, the relevant keywords personal website ranking decreased.

coping strategy:

do a good job site content, improve site user experience, not to optimize and optimize, more for the sake of users, and constantly provide quality content, Baidu will naturally favor you.

risk three: advertising alliance buckle more and more serious,

is currently the main source of income to rely on personal Adsense advertising, but the current domestic advertising alliance is very difficult to select individual stationmaster uneven in quality, and some, bad reputation, the small size of the company without advertising alliance K station, the amount deducted serious, straight.

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