What you need to do is marathon stamina

site, want to say, insist is not easy,


in 2002, with dreams, I entered college. Due to the high school computer contact has been on more interested in computer, so try to run the school room, in order to get a position, even at the weekend to get up early in the morning do not eat to queue, waiting for the evening to get hungry from the room closed room, originally a day not eating! When the personal website is very started. Hot, see others to show off their site, I am unable to bear it, go to the library to borrow books to learn Frontpage. It took several days to finally pull out a form, fill in your personal data and send it to the Tiger wing web. At that time, I was very happy. After a few articles, I began to visit more and more. Look at the traffic and the rapid increase of the number of the room felt very happy, also from the original into a weekend day compulsory course…….. Poor students still can not afford the construction of a website for free space is not stable good times don’t last long, and easy to lose the data and not a good application, after several changes of space, I completely lost confidence in the station.

finally graduated from college and got his first job. Go to a network company, responsible for enterprise construction site. The evening air down and suddenly think of the site, feel love so they established a comparative literature literature (www.wenxue8.com), the site built every morning after two hours in advance to the company to update the data, then heard all the collection, manual update, tired. However, tired is also worth the effort, the flow soon came up, the highest time also achieved 5000IP a day. I became the company’s most diligent staff, early to late. Originally, this station should stick to it, but the advertisement on the website will not do, so the advertisement fee of a month can not even pay the space expenses. In addition to the company bad management, often arrears of wages, in the end even sharing server money also pay, and my heart was knocked down once.

resigned from the company’s work, ready to work with university students to buy group station. During the year, except for the group purchase, the station thought that he had opened several small stations. But this moment, then, slowly mature network, let me very difficult to do the flow up, dispirited and discouraged, put a few stations of a few G data all DEL…….

now, with nothing, I’m ready to start over and start literature again (fall in love with Chinese: www.23zw.com). This time, I have made up my mind to set up the station in the end. No matter whether there is traffic or not, I have to take the station as an interest, and only love it to keep it!


needs to do is the stamina of a marathon race.

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