Let 1P enlarge N times, create N times value, and real and effective method

the same IP, why don’t we let it be released to several of our websites? Or can you let the same IP work for your cooperative webmaster? The method is very simple,


, first of all, declare that this is true traffic!


will not send my station, so as not to be K! Let’s talk about its workflow,


first, with a small site program (my station program is not to 1M, occupying little space! Binding subdirectories can fix), this is an encouragement to click on the site of the program is to show their website or web links on the viewing position. Then recruit members to your site. Of course, this is to pay, the price can be set by yourself, usually 1000IP =5 yuan (this is much lower than the flow union price). For example, the number of links you want to set is 10, with 1 IP per link. You can only click once per day (the system automatically monitors IP and keeps it from clicking repeatedly. Even if you click repeatedly, it’s only PV, not IP, so you don’t have to pay for it, and the system has the advantage here.

second, setting up Web links. It is in the background link settings, you want to display the website address put up (can be your website’s home page, also can be the inside page, also can be your partner’s Web site). Then recruit member registration (which is very simple, Wangzhuan E family team is quite large, currently has hundreds of thousands of nearly a million scale, but also faster development. To seize the market, the development of your website is very useful and very high value!!), which is to be paid, so easy to attract members! Pay is not very high, generally 1000IP yuan in 5, far lower than the market to do a lot of traffic and price alliance! Here is true IP.

tell me about the functionality of the website program that lets IP reuse it. This program includes the member registration system, member click statistics system, click number settings, membership promotion award system, and anti fraud function (to prevent users from using software to brush). Valid IP and invalid IP monitoring (invalid IP are translated into PV, only IP pay, PV no charge!). When a member clicks on a website display, it takes at least 20 seconds to turn it off to be effective IP to get your payment. Payment is generally made by paying bora. You can set the price and pay the amount of effective CLICK! System is perfect, the backstage management are easily.

links can be your own web site, web page, you can also sell the link, let the other website to launch, you can from fees, on one hand you can be used to supplement your advertising expenses and pay membership. The number of IP that can be steadily and consistently elevated is easy. At one stroke.

the more links you have to join, the same IP will achieve N times of release, and both are real IP.


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