Experience summarization and consideration of free classified information websites

is free and classified information again. I’m afraid some of my friends are getting impatient with the classified information today. Indeed, classification information has become a commonplace in the webmaster circle. Any friend who does a local port of information must deal with this classified information service. Well, I wouldn’t talk too much about that model. Only on the basis of many years of experience in the operation of the company’s project, can I talk about the excellent information of classified information?.

classified information threshold is low,

, this is the consensus of most individual stationmaster. Classified information service, whether for stationmaster or general netizen, its mode and operation are relatively simple. Coupled with previous achievements in this area, made a lot of money, so the classification of information sites everywhere, there is nothing strange.

classification information content is wide,

vertical Chinese classification information platform, you can say that the content of a big copy. You’ve been in this circle for a long time, and you won’t know the unspoken rules. Even if you do not copy, it also exists, users will not only publish information on the same content in a classified information platform advertising situation, repeated content is unavoidable. Classification information is probably the search engine difficile "original" weakness, even if it is a small classification of information sites, content is not worried about the search engine exposure. Depends on how much information you have, the probability of how much. That is to say, a classified information network can not worry about information; copying the thief as well as friends scattered provide etc.. This is another popular acceptance and acceptance by webmasters.

alliance advertising range of

The classification and universality of

classification information also becomes the premise of good alliance advertising matching. Have classified information website friends, it is not difficult to find that, that is, classified information almost no worry about the relevant advertising match. It’s just how you run the site to make the content match more reasonable and more responsive to the click and click needs of your users. Some friends do classified information for a long time, but still can not get good content matching, this requires you to the website structure and page keywords content more efforts.

The replication of

platform is strong,

classified information website cost is low, it is easy to do stand, stand, so, copy more platforms, improve the display rate of union advertising, in the station premise, make a small amount of money is not a problem.

mentioned above is perhaps the majority of webmaster generally agreed and accepted. In addition, why do classified information become popular with such large platforms as "58", "going to the market" and "people"? Why are these platforms so happy that they can get venture capital to enter and not spend too much money?


talk about the potential business opportunities I didn’t expect,

the first classified information platform we operate is the classified information alliance www.2sun.cn. This platform is almost completely built on the basis of classified information services, and the goal is to satisfy local netizens’ advertising convenience

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