Ma Yun Ninety block salary for 6 years did not get nternet Entrepreneurship

Ma: 90 pieces of wages I took six years before they get to know Internet Entrepreneurship (video)

by the end of the year, Chinese Entrepreneurs Club to create entrepreneurs as the main business daonong gala will be held as scheduled, this year will be "daonong time light" as the theme, attracted Ma Yun Liu Chuanzhi Guo Guangchang seven entrepreneurs about their time and stories about their pay and harvest, in time. The bitterness and happiness, full of warmth, brilliant. The annual meeting, Ma On 1994, he did not understand the Internet decided to resign entrepreneurship early heart. The following is the speech ma.

Ma: behind the people must let me say my age, I’m actually in 1994 of that year, I was thirty years old, I taught six years in school, I graduated from the University of Hangzhou Normal University, the school is the only one to more than and 500 students in the University, we were in school. Our headmaster told me at the school gate, Ma you go to that place to teach, not allowed within five years. In fact, I do not know the university teacher wages so low, ninety dollars salary, according to my temper had run away, but the president promised five years out, I persisted for six years, in 1994, I think I have is equivalent to their release, finally coming to the six years.

went to the United States that year, found the Internet, I came back, I was ready to start. In fact, what business do not know, do not have any experience, and then I remember to come back with us president said, I’m going to do a business, called Internet, our headmaster is a graduate of Stanford University, he said what is Internet, he is a computer science. I talked for a long time and he didn’t understand.

he said, Ma ah, do not go. I want to do it, anyway, I think I have to spend ten years doing something. Remember a week later, I invited 24 friends to our home to discuss, at that time are classes of my students, 23 people don’t do this thing, listen to don’t understand, don’t know what you’re saying, only one person said to try. The morning of the second day, I think they said to them, I have to do, I formally submitted his resignation report, when our headmaster when a lot of vice president, Ma, if does not hurry back. I said I was in 2004 after ten years, no matter I do, I have to return to school to teach, so this was the beginning of.

I don’t know what is Internet? Never entrepreneurial experience, but it should have ten years of experience, when 2004, I feel far away from their own retirement, now in 2016, I do not know what time to go back, but I want to go back to school should be getting closer so, the situation is such a case, the problem is such a problem, still on the road, do not know what time can go back, thank you.

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