s the Baidu weight of the website true

A Cheng’s blog blog interactive SEO for 12 days, some defects during gradually adjust the theme, Google a week of crawling on the site, now has to cover the inside pages to crawl. Baidu also grabbed the site’s homepage last night. In the morning through Webmaster Tools query, part of the index without keywords have good rankings.


in the morning with a webmaster exchange friends chain, and leave the link anchor text, he asked: "ask what to stay interactive SEO?"". For this topic, I do explain, and by the way to test Baidu weight exactly what is the concept?.

A Cheng’s blog does not intend to deliberately make keywords ranking, in fact, I want to promote interactive SEO brand, this is also possible for the future of entrepreneurship do some infrastructure. Generally do SEO, all like to use the place name +seo as the main keywords of their blog optimization. But I think, although Search SEO your ranking is very good, but this actual flow may not be expected high. User experience and brand effect with Baidu has been respected, so I constantly fine-tuning website vulnerabilities and small bug, I want to let you know the interactive SEO of this blog, but not in Baidu search to find me so seo.

then, through Webmaster Tools query out Baidu weight exactly how is it?

, here’s a look at the Baidu encyclopedia.

Baidu weight is love station, webmaster tools and other sites launched for web site keywords ranking, is expected to bring traffic to the site, divide the level of 0-10 of the third party website popularity evaluation data. Baidu weight is not like Google’s PR, Sogou’s SR, IBM, hits and other algorithms. Is a comprehensive rating of the site, Baidu weight is only for keyword ranking, to bring the popularity of the site rating. Do not know why so many people love the website weight and included link speed, in fact, this is completely wrong, Baidu algorithm, and to determine whether included judge the weight and how high is the two algorithm completely independent. Typical wrong ideas: included fast = high weight. Baidu’s speed is based on the frequency of updates and the freshness of your content.

or you can think of Baidu keyword direct weight = index ranking, in order to further prove the issue, A Cheng made some changes to your blog title, station diagnosis SEO odd the original changed SEO case diagnosis, because the word SEO is the index for the case, the weight of the blog will improve significant help, at the same time in order to facilitate the query keywords, I have changed the way it (keyword changes does not have any effect, we should understand the common sense, search engine has already abandoned the keywords label, this set is to facilitate the query keywords in Webmaster tools, screenshot below).

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