N2C mode will be the development trend of local portal

5 years later, your site is still good? 5 years later, the online community will become what? 5 years later, you will create Ma miracle, become the next legend,

?The inspiration of


in 1964, Mike and Hank put forward in the medium of understanding that with the use of electronic technology, the distance between people in the future will be shortened gradually, and the earth will become a village". At that time, his predictions were left out of the hands of the academic community, and today this is an indisputable fact.

on 1998, Ma Yun abandons "Chinese big yellow page", turn back Hangzhou two times poineering work. Proposed B2B Alibaba business model, the team began with about 17 people. At that time, other people’s understanding, Ma Yun crazy". 10 years later, he created a miracle of the Internet, Ma era achievements. 2003 Ma rate jioubu, copy the e-Bay business model, build the C2C model of Taobao. Foreign precedent has laid the foundation for Taobao’s success. 5 years later, Taobao became Asia’s largest network of retail goods distribution center, the annual total turnover of 100 billion yuan.

at this point, Ma jumped out of the traditional network of virtual communities curse, to a "37 jump", skipping the drawbacks of traditional communities. So now about 70 million small and medium-sized sites in the future,


network community evolution

virtual communities in the traditional sense are built out of reality. Traffic determines the market value of the community, and advertising is the main profit point. At the end of 90s, the premise is not universal network, users of the ad curiosity trend rate is about 10%, and in 2008 the Ministry of information industry Chinese statistics about 300 million Internet users, accounting for the total population of 1/5, network advertisement click rate less than 1 per thousand, advertising steep fall in the value of < /p> virtual community

advertising is the lifeblood of virtual communities, businesses generally reflect the effectiveness of online advertising. The income of the virtual community began to be changed by advertising support. Over the past 3 years the community generally revised, mainly in the exchange of virtual community function, beginning with "1+1" community operation mode; 1 virtual communication platform for +1 e-commerce platform to pull people to give users the benefits the interests of common people = population aggregation platform.


market has a long way to go, and the first person to eat crabs is often successful. As early as a few years ago, Zang Li saw the market community for ordinary consumers in the market gap, the achievements of China’s first big order network (rice system), the annual output value of 300 million yuan.

"1+1" model in recent years in the major communities are common, such as Shanghai Qijia buy network, Sichuan, Chengdu, eating and drinking network, Anhui Hefei forum and so on. The "1+1" virtual community and e-commerce is the most successful in the West temple.

Inoculation of

N2C mode

, both B2B, B2C, B2T, C2C, have a specific background of the times, Ma pattern in playing checkers, then buy class B2T is >

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