Why more cattle than the rainy night impression blog website

in early summer, there is a long overcast and rainy weather along the Huaihe River valley. At this time, it is also known as "artifacts mildew, tsuyu", referred to as "bad"; and the value of Jiangnan plum when ripening, it is also known as "Meiyu" or "huangmei".

Since 2008,

entered the rainy season, recently always feel not very good, very tired and can’t concentrate, always absent-minded. This situation has occurred before, every rainy day, back pain, knee rheumatism, headache and other problems will occur in succession.

saw a blog this morning and all of a sudden why, why is blogging so much more like a website than


many blogs have done a lot for us to retain readers, and we can sort them out. Myself, and on some tools, try to use it as much as possible. For example, my blog has mobile instant messaging tools, and there are several ways to connect. That’s an example. Don’t be afraid of trouble, the interaction is our results a variety of advertising used to wish for things. Mao Zedong said: "we are from all corners of the country, for a common revolutionary goal to come together," this sentence is particularly suitable for our blog.

blog is marketing blog, blog can spread farther than website, this is true.

we do community, do web site, do blog, in the final analysis, is to retain readers. Enterprise blogs are even more so. "This is the most important thing," we said over and over again. "Blog has three main functions, diary, communication, and interaction. The three functions are to retain readers, but only interaction is the key point to show the intention of blog marketing. If we can’t keep it, blog is not marketing blog,


the interaction that many people like is the way to whisper, and the blog’s function in this area needs to be improved, requiring additional private conversation or masking. Some blogs send readers’ comments to the blogger’s cell phone for the first time, which is a good way. I hope the blog platform can open more interactive tools.

This It’s raining and blowing hard.

out of the window in the quiet of the night, and listen to the sounds, feel terrible, southern flood continues, has caused a great loss of life and property, the weather forecast which still keep coming rain news, it seems to rain one thirty while no rest. There are many things to be done, and even though there is wind and rain, we must do it well.

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