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the station for three months. Almost every two days a man wanted to buy the program… I say here, I am sorry… I want to say, if you still feel the market web site, and they are willing to develop a set of, I am willing to free full technical support.

site three months to get a lot of friends. And every week free advertising… Welcome to register.Http:// [exchange flow of ease. We also welcome comments. Web site ranking deficiencies

this program is not imitation and transformation of any online site program. Here, I talk about it. [ease some of the top ~.

, some personal views and do web site system

1, DIV+CSS Department… In fact I think to do so just to show off.DIV and TABLE is a container in the web page of the classmate. As there is no need to pursue DIV+CSS… If TABLE+CSS

can you like

2, station and other web site, there is a new station in this list, according to the latest inbound time reverse order… Is good if that can be added to each URL by clicking on the.

display and opportunity

3 point, no frame, at present there is still a considerable part of the site to use the framework to link to join the site… In fact on both sides is not too good. To join the site and you stand on your search engine ranking ALEXA, Google PR value nothing. If you can not give each other a few IP, then why should others to join you? In fact of itself, spider crawling up your station, when caught is WWW.XXX.COM, but the past is a chain frame, rather than catch the address… In the course of time will affect the personal feel of


4, for more than a point into the website on the recommended location. The site is not only to join the webmaster included, ranking and PR value, or the main flow… Although you can bring some traffic every day is to go to him, but you give him more than he gives you more than you have this kind of psychological. – feel at a disadvantage. That is not necessarily to change his home..

5, points out the entry point into the list, ranking is to make the point more websites show more to get more clicks. Point out the ranking is from the user experience, let users love the most Internet users make more users know… Let the webmaster have a row name a sense of pride to more love your web site

6 list show to join the site thumbnail URL, introduced (before is a website I catch down manually upload ah, today has just completed the automatic thumbnail, I know a lot of friends like this. I want to contact the source.4686>

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