Wang how does the medical product website improve the user experience

started to design and production sites have several years of time, always feel that they do website good-looking, pretty can, for site traffic and operation and other aspects of what has hardly to consider, since then slowly learned how to contact SEO for some keywords to optimize a website, after a period of time slowly, although traffic is up, but the real clients are not much, we all know the medical products Station consultation rate is very important, slowly read on the Internet a lot of information that is the website user experience is not very good. Later, in a push and A5 consulting a lot of master, with a little bit of my own experience, it summed up the medical websites and how to improve the user experience, some website potential consumers keep here and share with you some of my own views, I hope to attract


1, web interface friendliness


users open your site first sight is the interface of the website, we must not say the layout of the site, the function of the website, the effectiveness of the product and other factors, if you open the interface is a very out of order color collocation, very strange picture of the interface, they can directly estimate nine out of ten turn off the site. So the first impression of the website is very important, so you must let the user see a very comfortable, clean and tidy interface at the first time.

2, the content of the website

now, when you do website, all emphasize the originality and importance of the content of the website, but I need to emphasize here that the medical product station requires more of this related content. Whether users search your site through search engines, links, or other means, they have only one purpose: to find the information they need. Everyone should know that the product is to treat some diseases, so the product planning must be very accurate, scientific and reasonable. Especially the principle of the product, and disease related knowledge, such as the cause of ill treatment, common methods, the latest information related diseases, diet and daily nursing and so on, through the scientific knowledge to let users in your web site to find what they need very comprehensive the knowledge, thus increasing the goodwill of the site in the invisible, so you also worry he will not come your website


3, product reliability

general products stand selling products, you must first let the users of your products generate trust, in this case, it would take some convincing and authoritative materials to prove, of course here that the material is not only a pile of boring data, but as the product batch number, related certificate etc. These pictures should provide the original and is larger, can see very clearly. Also, how can I find the relevant numbers on the official website of the Ministry of health or the food and Drug Administration?

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