Grassroots how to define the micro business, to make chips in the future

micro business is now more and more people know, understand and accept, not to say what it is what it says on the tall, bitter copy, in reality, the present situation and existence problems need to rationally treat the derivative. At present, the micro dealer industry environment can be compared with the previous, there is a greater improvement, that once fakes rampant, small advertising unscrupulous phenomenon has been curbed. Micro business from the initial obscurity, to the present household name, which is no doubt a success. Taking the micro wear glorious title, needs to have a strong field, thinking agile, long-term vision of the market and so on, do the derivative must have a cockroach spirit, the analysis of how to do a good job of micro business.

micro business as a new thing and the existence of history is still very short, what will happen in the future, but also unknown, may be plain sailing, perhaps is full of ups and downs, all need micro business step by step out. All this is because the micro business is still too short to go, the experience of wind and rain is too little. Therefore, to do micro business, we must do all possible ideological preparation, which is the most basic, no matter what the future, will not affect and shake the determination and confidence to do micro business, long-term business plan. Now, every step of the micro business will affect the future survival environment, because many of the following process needs to be explored and needs to be opened up. Micro business has yet to go through, this is a way to discover, only in the success and failure in front of a positive attitude, taking only a place to live in the micro, micro business wants to do more than, need to have enough strong heart, a strong heart, capable of carrying forward derivative.

The rise of

micro agents must have a new business philosophy. It is not enough to rely solely on building a new framework. We should dare to innovate boldly and dare to challenge from the inside. If you take the previous one, it doesn’t make sense. Micro business really should not be thinking of bondage, but the current situation, micro business practitioners started relatively late, mostly turned that exists uneven quality of personnel, the overall structure is quite complex, so to truly give all people really start taking the micro business philosophy is very difficult. Doing business requires constant learning, improvement, mental immersion, and new ideas. The meaning of "micro quotient" is very deep, but one thing must be distinguished is that the micro business can not take the road of Taobao customers.

The direction chosen by the

is more important than speed. Micro business has a big era of development trends, new things must have a new way behind, do micro business can not be too much in pursuit of speed, blind driving fast is in danger, at any time may turn over. The road of micro business itself is a way to explore, not too impatient, and often stop to think, grasp the direction of the next, it is not wrong, always ready to have the courage to start all over again. The scope of micro business should not be fixed in a commodity or a field, if a commodity business cannot continue, through reflection and practice, to develop the possibility of doubt, we must dare to give up, AB >

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