When the nternet is rich and your dreams don’t belong to you

said, do stand for 3 years, from ignorance to all changes is turned upside down. Learned from a friend, is from a starting line starting, they opened the Buick car, and operates a web portal, from scratch to millions, think it is destiny? Suddenly I feel very funny.

looking back on the past, when a contact site, made a humble site, money did not earn, but was framed. Again, to put all energy on the top of a professional website, but was boring network numerous attack sites, 1 years after the site completely gone from Baidu, who is almost collapsed, then you think that he is very funny. This is my real experience, now I take my place with the failure of making everyone


06 years of college, was not willing to go out to work, want to wish to earn your own world through their own efforts, like all college students just graduated, arrogant and ambitious, always think a cut above others than others. So from the starting point on the failure of a large amount of money at the time that I do, it lost in the home half a month of hard work I dream website, regret that technology is not fine, do not know how to place too much, do not know what SEO, a full 1 months the site was released, investment 1000 yuan happy to make money here, eliminating unpleasant memories, then after the site on the line for 2 months, it was the students framed, not to mention the specific events, all the sad memories, then hurried back to Beijing, the website will give up. The first dream to make money stop.

second site is 08 years in February, was graduated a year, see in front of friends have portal is booming, put the money down into it, and summarize the previous lesson, what things have their own development and carefully care, do not rush and stolen results. Website from development to on-line, spent a total of six months, this time as long as the serious pay, there is always a return. But I was wrong, and fell on this knowledge of SEO above, on-line updated daily, and publicity and feedback in all places, after all, personal energy is limited, half a month after the cessation of publicity and the so-called promotion. After half a year was stable, but bad luck, drink plenty of water are easily choked, meet the hackers may be opponents, daily daily attacks on your website, then every day in the network about this matter, I also can not stand, site and abandoned dreams. The second dream was hurt the opponent.

later, I don’t want to rely on the website money thing, such as career development, I think a lot of friends like us, the network that one always does not belong to us, we work hard, but not to harvest. Nearly half of the confusion, then see the civil service exam is very hot, go, and go, and do the site in the unit under the leadership, although to this site do not belong to the individual, but in the arrangement of leadership in charge of the site, is also the continuation of their dreams as. I hope this delayed dream forever to grow! "

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