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often said: " said network is a good way of promotion, why I didn’t notice, apply a lot more, every day also submitted many articles, but did not bring much traffic. " end and news promotion is not useful? The answer is yes. It depends on how you do it. For example, my network, the beginning is traffic, how can not come, and now thousands of IP is very easy. It do some experience to share network promotion.

The so-called

network is a free online bookmarking service, he can be any web page, the collection, help you find the desired content. The biggest feature is the network can share with friends on the internet. Because of the shared network, can bring traffic to the source site, thus forming an effective way of promotion.

here are some tips.

1. select the appropriate network site. There are hundreds of Web site online, no need to submit all the bookmarks site, so there should be no effect, the best choice and their related web site.

2. web site to submit an article, the title is very important, must be innovative, personality, but not to click and change the content of the article and his title. At the same time, to add labels to the article, Tag, the more the more, improve the article exposure rate. Especially reprinted articles.

3. selected articles, the site of some fine content is more, the best is original or popular content, let users better web station of you stand on the article, so as to improve the site traffic. Spend 10 minutes on it.

4. select the right time: don’t submit recommendations on the Internet the peak time, because this time the user more recommended, so at this time to submit articles will soon be submerged, the effect is very poor, so be sure to avoid the rush hour on the Internet to submit. Generally recommended 8:00-8:30 a.m..

5. more registration of several vests, repeatedly click, collect, vote, published their own article, will increase the opportunity to expose the article.

6. is a collection of currently available web services following site address:

pole http://s.hot.yesky.com/


and http://s.bookmark.hexun.com/



feeds every day

poco network http://s.share.poco.cn/

Sina vivi favorites http://s.vivi.sina.com.cn/

group blog http://s.wangzhai.com/


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