Where is the way out for the website construction in 2008

with the increasing number of Internet users, more and more people build websites,.

will you consider making your website more professional and standardized in 2008,


said the money online, a lot of people come here to say. Many people put ads will be able to make money. Google AD.. Blindness is too large. Do not have a good grasp of the market.

found a lot of friends on top of the station. This is the case,

does not start out according to his own abilities and resources. He is blind or follows

very wellWe built

site before (of course, personal interest, except the

is wanpiao)

has not done the following form of

as a web site requires its own resources as follows:

1, a good program,

2, a good website form and content,

3, good and ongoing publicity

what’s the profit way of


5 can be added to expand the development of

doesn’t know if you thought about

when you were doing it

starts with the program:

money and friends we can make up is another matter, no money, friends can use free and find the site, this station stationmaster station can fix some of the source code, so it is not necessary to mention the


second is

from the form and content of the site

successful personal websites over the last two years:

HAO123265, BAN DONEWS and so on, these beans, successful, other people will follow, such as music, before the emergence of a lot of resources, with no hotlinking web site last year everywhere and that some stations no theme and own resources, just to see people up with, heart hot, this website can last forever. Now we can see the novel station fire (I checked ALEXA the ranking novels stand a large proportion, but only with a good website will be able to develop, many well-known sites are uncommon, each have their own style, also did not see the station which is very much is the site of film music what station. No see a hotlink website can have great development, not only in the people to do it again to do, unless you have 265 Cai Wensheng’s ability. Make second HAO123, why don’t you make great achievements in your small field,


some time ago to see a word in the bar owners meeting, Goldman Sachs said

first, small, and then big.

in a pot to eat a little snatch to the end, or starving

is better to make a dish of wine

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