The webmaster needs to apply more user concepts to the product

What does

do for websites and how business types should be supported?. These should be webmaster heart must understand what became the owners for a long time, the period saw some confidence in the novice website, make a product, but directly without words, no news. Not that they do not insist on doing the site, but did not give themselves enough definition, no direction to follow, only to lose their momentum.

now to see you do, such as electricity supplier, Taobao passenger and grey CPA even industry portals, download station, many types, but how many are to follow the state, have their own thoughts are not many webmaster. The use of offline resources or the platform construction and so on are all done for the modification of business to make money is stately, at our website. There’s nothing wrong with that, but without thinking about the product or the website business, we’re going to lose track of the development, and maybe that’s a little empty. Below I combine my own experience and examples, explain in detail.


website for users is the basis of our development to a certain extent, their needs and traffic is our goal, even if there is no pre profit, but as long as we seize the demand, insist on do fine, so successful is not difficult. Some friends before I feel I now do biological wind download station some of the unpopular, is partial biological type, may be directly realizable ability to be considered. But on the other hand, this part of the crowd for the brand’s dependence is very heavy, they are not afraid of the search page is tedious, but resource update is not timely, in addition to the website they really not demanding, so the "products" – Download lasting update, rich will allow users to immediately understand the importance of the website I understand, website is a good place for them to find information, so a little will be able to seize their psychological reading user "bundling", as the flow of cash, after their own way.

after such a case, we will find some time to do not need to promote big data and a large area, properly grasp the needs of consumers to complete the directional development, will save a lot of resources and practice, to complete the transition to the greatest extent. This is my heart for the user’s research.

of course, my own exploration of things continues, and personal feeling, a grid of electricity, or 36 krypton websites are interesting in the study of user level. The first one said, as a mobile phone technology started the blog now switch to start the grassroots blog recommendation, hope their exposure sites using grassroots demand to achieve a win-win, 36 krypton is fierce, the direct use of the resources of the hand, for the reader to build a business platform, through the project introduction and investors for both sides, seek the most appropriate contact. These are based on user considerations, because they know what the user wants is the root of the site development, rather than you as a webmaster to say.

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