How does individual stationmaster walk out of his road of making moneyAds on ways to make money for

is the first choice of advertising, web content to choose different advertising to put, why? Because the website content of different user groups, he is not the same, these users are interested in advertising is not the same. For example, take Taobao advertising, advertising is a relatively common element: the auction 6   and the like. But if you do a professional station, in the high-end user groups. Then put the auction Taobao advertising is not necessarily appropriate, because your user groups using the MSN frequency is likely far beyond the frequency of use of , is not what attraction for them as. Music station bell, television movie forum registration ah, these are all common sense. Summary: is to be placed and you stand the contents of the same or similar advertising. And to analyze your website The composition of the group, their preferences. there are more websites in the www.admin5/ website alliance

like our small webmaster, many is to do half, not change a website to do, is simply ignore. To say a word, many people can not insist on, in the website to see what those SEO tutorials. Those who are suited to the team do it. Imagine a small movie station, station , what the mixed acquisition. One day, where there is so much time to send original articles, to promote, looking for the chain?. Individuals feel that they see their own circumstances to do. There is nothing wrong with a long-term goal. As far as the webmaster is concerned, it’s better to go online and say "SEO". It’s better to be a garbage dump directly.

before 2009, China’s small stations were very many. From the CN domain name price increases, or to the company’s name in order to register, many webmaster heart suddenly tired. There was little money to make a stand before. A CN is only a few bucks. How much is a room? Cheap, that is, dozens of pieces a year. And two lines. Well, I don’t have much experience. Let’s talk about it here.

maybe a lot of people would say, "I don’t know what I’m talking about here. Maybe you don’t think so, or you’re a bit of a success, but you know how you come from.". I’m just talking about my opinion. Do a dumpster. In fact it is not difficult to imagine, the original articles every day, one day how much? The 20 people can be said to be a person of cattle, even if you send 20 papers every day for a month is the original 600?! I mean to do before use my computer in the local station to do. A >

on the way to make money advertising website – to new Adsense
said web site to make money, everyone will naturally think of advertising, advertising is right, before the main way for most people to make money.

second is the advertising advertising layout. The layout is very important, an advertisement for the same, different place, click rate may differ several times. Usually the main advertising website of this station is a common, top banner, also is the right side of your website logo that position. Usually 468*60, two is at the top of the page 60 column, the position is on the top of the website navigation under the horizontal classification, only the home page, width is generally 760, high 60,80,90100120, three middle banner, average height is 60 or 90, depending on the site or station are, there is only the front page, the four is at the bottom of this banner, and almost three, five is the navigation sidebar navigation is the content below "on both sides of the position, the six is the content page below the title text on advertising position, this is generally 468 *60 map Piece, or put text ads. Seven is the middle of the 300*300 advertising, this picture, eight is the main body under the ad.

small owners, generally do not stand, non mainstream station in particular, because effective flow too fast, there is a movie station, of course, like those of what women have to do a lot, not afraid of people to stop the novel for infringement.

do not stand now than before the domestic space is generally to domain name for the record of the space business to bind, the problem is you give you the space bound, your domain name how to record ah, then to find a record. A few days ago in A5 find someone filing, said the record to 70 yuan. My God, even more expensive than the domain name, then I might as well go to buy a domain name. To tell you the truth, I prefer to be a station. First, I have some experience. Second, as mentioned above, the flow is coming fast. Domain name selection, I do not have much demand, and now most of the search by the small station to flow, you can remember your domain name is very little. Of course, LD12 is an exception. Randomly chose an old domain name in www.1ang, A5 spent 100 pieces and made a 1 ang station. In fact, like this name is also arbitrary to take 1ang, I really can not think of anything good, it came to a 1 ang. Space spent 280 yuan, plus bought 50 links. Up to now, the 1 toll stations have cost 430 yuan. Not much though. But how can I make this 430 yuan back?. Let’s talk about the point.

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