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Venture capital circle

, GPLP, show you the real rivers and lakes.

so, like Zhu Xiaohu and Ma Huateng, one day, even to discuss the differences of opinion — two people as a product manager and investor views about sharing more advantage of the intelligent lock bicycle who caused the masses eat melon strong crowd, even as the technology media headlines to push.

also has some Taobao sites that don’t take the API model, but rather do manual updates. But from the author’s observation, a considerable number of such sites, site layout is chaotic, column disorder, advertising flooding, visitors to the user experience is not good. Such a station, it is more difficult to retain the hearts of visitors.

, but the problem with such a model has been highlighted, that is, all the data on the Taobao site of this model are the same. Stereotyped, not only search engines do not like, Internet users will not like slowly. Because there’s nothing new. Internet users can not bring more useful shopping guide effect. And many of the API Taobao passenger station template, it is difficult to have been familiar with this kind of site users use impulse. Then visitors will not collect your Taobao railway station.

, however, due to the natural sense of nobility noble do worship, limited resources and the masses eat melon, as the top of the Pyramid, we only see it, so, this layer of curiosity and is magnified, so we are difficult to understand a point between can why investment institutions caused a great disturbance.

with interest and real life, investment circle arena even more than other industry but also deeper water, Zhu Xiaohu and Ma Huateng each other WeChat circle of friends off the tip of the iceberg.

let us follow GPLP Jun tried to enter the venture capital circle.

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in fact, comparison between investment and veteran organizations to instigate upstart, the battle of ideas between Zhu Xiaohu and Ma Huateng but.


customer is now in many webmaster and Internet users in general do Wangzhuan project, Taobao guest kind the website is very much, with all kinds of pattern to make Taobao customers have. I also tried a variety of Taobao practices, but also come to some experience. The point I want to share today is that you have to be a Taobao site that is useful to visitors in order to let visitors use your Taobao site regularly.

investment circle.

what’s more, in fact, in venture capital circles, not certain institutions and certain institutions, so investors don’t certain investors, investment circle cliques indeed exist, after all, investors also have the same people, love and hate.

at present quite a lot of Taobao guest website is to adopt API to build a station mode, this kind of Taobao guest builds a station program also very much. Through the automatic transfer of Taobao API commodity data, you can save the trouble of maintaining site data. You can also get millions of Taobao commodity data. Make websites seem very rich in content.

In front of


, behind these projects, can see the familiar faces of many allies. In particular, since 2012, Zhu Xiaohu’s investment in a World War II fame, the relationship between these allies closer and closer, and investment agencies even played a similar "carrot squat" game:


visible, the masses are curious about the investment circle?.

Taobao guest website, if you can more from the point of view of the need to consider, to provide better access to visitors, more convenient shopping navigation, that can retain the hearts of users. If you just move the data on Taobao and put it on your Taobao station, it will be hard to impress visitors. In that case, visitors might as well go directly to Taobao to check the goods.

true in the end is what? What are the pains and sorrows of venture capital arena

so, Taobao customers have to dig real help Taobao shoppers function, really can help visitors better Taobao shopping, so that the Taobao railway station, visitors will trust, will like. Will take the initiative to collect your station, and when necessary, through your station to shopping.

venture upstart Peter Chu and his allies,

The same is true of the


Wang Gang squat, Wang Gang squat, Wang Gang squat squat after Zhu Xiao hu.

since the investment of drops, hungry, and reflect customers, ofo, Zhu Xiaohu became venture capital circle with the most flow of investors, flow and absorption of eyes is no less than we open is golden sentence Xu Xiaoping teacher.

between CP Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki combination as CP combination, not investment circle of a new thing, it real fund and Sequoia Capital is the most obvious one on both sides, and GP’s relationship with LP, which makes it more closely relationship with other institutions.

venture capital circle secret

where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

investors have always been mysterious, and even as a God, therefore, its every move has also been concerned about the melon eating masses.

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