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    GG since the company launched GG advertising focus adjustment activities, received by the webmaster, because it is related to the vital interests of every webmaster, I as a member of the GG advertising alliance, of course, is no exception, here I have to talk about their own ideas:


"build the Internet automatic money making machine" press conference held in Xi’an in September 5th, more than 100 small and medium entrepreneurs attended the conference. Known as the marketing planning profession, Bill Gates, an Dongsheng teacher, uses his own legendary Internet story to motivate entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams.

      to tell the truth, before writing this article, I compare the default for this thing, after all, advertisers to vote advertising is of course to get benefits, the original way will obviously bring a lot of false hits, so advertisers money have a part to white, it will certainly enthusiasm influence of advertisers advertising, all from the current situation because of the decline in the click rate and reducing the income, but in the long run, the owners will because the price increase, while the total is not affected by what the.

  but I think things are not so optimistic, because this policy is only for GG, our middle and small owners, and for those big website, webmaster still enjoying the original policy, we do not believe to Huajun software and station to their little GG look at the ads, or directly by clicking on the background to get in. Obviously, we these good webmaster have been deceived, all still think with the mistake to reduce the unit price increases, obviously there are a lot of wrong click money to flow into the big web site, big master’s purse.

, an Dongsheng born in Shaanxi an ordinary rural family, when his 4 year old mother was ill, was admitted to the hospital, then The family is in straitened circumstances. in order to achieve their dreams, he, from the fifth grade primary school to start a small business paving household, school part-time after graduating from north, with a cable, the first 1 million a computer only a year to earn my own life, he Benz, Rolls-Royce from 2013 to 2014 as pour as a church mouse, just a year’s time, he completed his brilliant life turning.

Dongsheng said in an interview with reporters, "the forum, is to let more people learn through the Internet, to change the fate of rapid success, as a force for society, the big love came to aid, more and more people who need help."

  really hateful, and strongly requested the GG company to a statement, why should we, the small and medium-sized webmaster suffer such unfair treatment?!

According to the understanding of


for recent years, college students’ employment rate is low, entrepreneurship is difficult phenomenon, Anto Katsu said, "young people should seize the opportunity and work hard.". If a college student wants to succeed in business, he must first keep his figure low and have a good state of mind, while he will work and start his own business. Secondly, he must have faith. Failure is not terrible, terrible is not know how to stand up again. Where to fall, where should I climb up? The most important thing is not to give up, seize the opportunity, especially the wave of mobile Internet!

talks about why he is willing to share his experience of success with others, Ann Dongsheng says he has lived a very poor life from his childhood, and this life experience has given him the courage to realize his dreams. He felt that his success must not be a case in point. He wanted to tell his experiences to those who were pursuing their dreams. As long as he had faith, he would succeed as long as he had the right way.

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