Sing the goal to create millions of super girl to earn fan economyAn idea of making 100 per day on C

4. registration.

Tracy’s Law means that the degree of difficulty in any job is proportional to the square of the steps required to complete the job. For example, if you need 4 steps to complete a job, then the difficulty is 16. The completion of another job requires 2 steps, and the difficulty is 4.

so, for the above three questions, we use new ideas to do CPA, and solve these problems well. Before we learn the method, let’s learn some theoretical knowledge first.


is singing. In the current development, the main thing is to create people. On the one hand is to let more users feel sing sing in the experience is good enough, they are willing to continue to share their own voice, on the other hand is to let people know to want to be a star, in this platform can be famous.


3. judges whether the resources are valuable to themselves.

first of all, the first question is that CPA is not easy to promote. If you’re posting a promotion to CPA, 1000 people see your ad actually, 1000 people see it pretty well. At most only 100-200 people will go to your promotion link.

Tracy’s law,

Chen Hua wants to sing. It’s a flat community. It can produce a new place in different towns and different places

what is Tracy’s law,

1. sees attractive posts in forums and communities,

in fact, many methods and ideas are very simple, but 90% of the people do not know! I believe many friends have done CPA, usually friends of the class. But many friends do CPA effect is not good, maybe one day slaving away, will then earn 20 dollars, and some may even have earned less than 20. So, today we bring you a new idea of CPA, let the people willing to act, can earn 100 days to explain below.

in Chen Hua’s view, the future of singing is to make more people here famous, enjoy fans sought after sensation. And for fanatical fans, they enjoy the fun of making friends and chasing stars.


2. click on the link to enter the registration page.

, first look at our question: what’s the biggest difficulty of doing CPA?


, that is, simplify the process, the effect will be doubled, and people tend to accept less difficult things, then we flow this way from this point of view,

sing it, in what direction? Founder Chen Hua’s goal is to create millions of "super girls", and then earn the fan economy.

so, then we take a look at the traffic patterns: post, but no link! This is a problem, how to let people find you? Don’t worry, we find them! Send a post in sh419 Post Bar here.

released in May 31, 2012, sing, the current number of users has more than ten million. Recently, the Tencent micro-blog open forum, sing founder Chen Hua accepted the interview with the Tencent of science and technology, provide their own answer duet community patterns and future business models.

has 4 steps, then the difficulty is 16,

Chen Hua will sing to solve user needs into three aspects: first, a number of users want to sing with emotion and entertainment, this group of users accounted for more than half of the number of users; second, want to sing through the famous, they are a group of enthusiastic users; or enjoy the fun crowd, although fans not much, there are dozens of people to listen to her sing self feel good; the last category, Chen Hua is the most hope to expand the user base, which want to make friends and celebrity, Chen Hua is seen as their grass root users.

before, sing the Reds Yang Jiao at an Economic Forum on the Internet was named "China Internet voice", now the China Conservatory of Music students have signed a record company, will launch its own album. Sing in the hottest singer Yang Jiao in the overall standings, ranked second, released 138 song, fans number about 420 thousand, received about 820 thousand virtual flowers.

, and 100 click link users, registered less than 10 disadvantages: too many steps, reduce people’s execution!

let’s see, people need a few steps from seeing your posts to completing registration:

according to the data provided by Chen Hua, sing users, women occupy most of their age is mainly distributed in about 20 years old, high school students, college students, there are migrant workers, which located in Guangdong most users. In addition to the big cities, there are also two or three cities. Although the current growth curve is slightly flat, it still maintains a large amount.

secondly, the second and the biggest problem. sh419 post bar, Tianya community, mop, Phoenix, and so on, the flow of large communities or forums, audit posts are very strict, with links to the post, generally can not escape the bad luck was deleted. sh419’s big stick is even outside the chain can not bring. Even if do not delete, because the flow is too large, the post will soon sink, and soon will be gone.

has taken two strategies to attract more creative people to come in, Chen Hua. The core remains the existing product and functionality. "The real impact on the user size and business model is the product itself.". How to do some minor functions, so that more people enjoy the pursuit of fans feel. These people are not one or two, but a group. Not hundreds of thousands, but millions."

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