Use Baidu to promote your websiteSome small skills to complete the survey Wangzhuan

1. Baidu know, post, also need SEO optimization. Baidu is not for all the key words will be their products ranked first, so still want to optimize. For example, why ask "where there is a mobile phone software download lie my question? What is the mobile phone software lie?", content again, this is actually increase the keyword density of mobile phone software. ".

third ensures consistency before and after answering questionnaires. Today, many surveys are conducted by their partners, so in fact, the answers to the questionnaire are not so strict. But it is precisely because of this situation, in order to ensure the quality of the investigation, the same question will often be put forward at different locations of the questionnaire. So my advice is, when you answer the questionnaire, at the very least, know what your answer is and what your answer is.

first, often check to see if there is an invitation, as soon as possible to participate in the network survey. Do not assume that when you receive a letter of investigation, there is no difference when you attend an investigation. The fact is that the sooner the participant is expected to complete the investigation task. The reason is simple, each survey has a certain set of target groups and sample number settings. For example, a company wants to collect 100 copies of a 25 year old to 30 year old consumer perceptions of brands, each member of this age will receive the survey invitation, but apparently only completed 100 will be considered valid. Borrow advertisements: the first step, one upmanship!

fourth, never make the simplest logical mistake. What would you say if you looked at the results of a questionnaire and found out that someone was 60 years old, unmarried and 6 years of age? So, as in previous recommendations, at least you know what you’re talking about.

in the mobile phone software is just beginning to lie during that time popular, brought no small flow of this page to my website, up to the day when there are more than 1000 IP, even more than a year now, this post is still a day can bring tens of IP, more than 100. This is the long tail effect.

of course, I do more than one page, and when I find a suitable hot content, do it this way, basically doing 1 to 2 pages per month. Now, the average traffic from Baidu is more than 300 IP per day. The following figure is this month September 1 to 11 of the antecedents data, 11 days, Baidu know brought 3367 PV access statistics in the road outside the road PV, basically a PV represents a IP.


said above, Mr. A and Mr. B, is actually my vest accounts, the so-called "question and answer", and post the download address is one of my second-hand information website article page.

2. A vest with their own questions, answer vest with B, then A B will vest vest answer as the best answer, this process must always be replaced IP, best for a long time, such as one or two hours. Otherwise, Baidu can easily be found, the direct result is that the account was banned for three days.

second, pay attention to the "none of the above" option, which is often the real choice. In the first few questions of the survey, there’s something like this: "do you work in the following companies: 1.XX; 2.XX; 3.XX; not more than 4.."." Many friends will wonder whether the survey is aimed at one of the 1, 2, or 3 areas listed, and specifically choose an option. What I want to point out is that the possibility of over 90% of this problem is to exclude the relevant personnel from taking part in the investigation so as to avoid the reliability of the findings. So the correct and expected answer is "no more than"".

often has friends complaining that it is difficult to get the survey invitation, but it always fails to finish successfully and has been attacked by the enthusiasm of participating in the network investigation. Talk briefly about this very common and practical question. First of all, there must be a clear understanding, network survey and other types of market research is the target population, so told that do not meet the requirements of a thing is completely normal, and not in the survey website and the company deliberately create difficulties for the participants. At the same time, there are some small tricks involved in online surveys that can help you better investigate and answer questions.

, for example, you search "mobile phone software lies in Baidu, in the first row is Baidu know page is A, you ask" where there is a mobile phone software download mobile phone software lie lie? What is this stuff? "Then Mr. B made a detailed answer, in reply to a few download address. Soon after the answer was the best answer, it became the number one page for "mobile phone lie software".

these tips don’t teach participants how to cheat. In fact, I think the best way is to take every questionnaire seriously, even if you think the questionnaire is longer. Big >

talk about my experience here. Use Baidu know when to do traffic, we should pay attention to:

3. must be a settled problem that is, after asking questions >


is now the two largest search engine is the mainstream Google and Baidu, Google is the principle of "no evil", can’t seem to find effective ways to intervene in the Google rankings, while Baidu is different, the same content, Baidu may give priority to Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar space content in the before using this feature, we can use Baidu know promotion website, carefully do content, sometimes bring long-term returns.

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