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our company now has nearly 4000 people, I think there must be Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon. The cream of the crop, there are 40 great talents. However, even if there is no genius, seniors help, finally will also become mediocre, is not what great things. For example, every diving champion must have a coach behind him. Without a coach, you’ll have to detour and have to reinvent the wheel. No coach, you fell in the water many times do not know where is wrong, may wait for ourselves when disabled, will understand the reason is very simple, is the clamping legs, legs straight, abdomen, jump.

, from the point of view of 85, Silicon Valley is undoubtedly a place of wonders. Here, Bill, Gates, who founded Microsoft, founded Apple’s Steve – Jobs, founded shlf1314’s pages and brin. Today, 85 years after graduating from a university, Zuckerberg created the world’s largest social network with thousands of employees and $about 50000000000 in market value in a matter of years. Silicon Valley seems to be a young world where young people who challenge authority have been shaping the legend.

first, the Internet market has been very mature, mobile Internet market has also entered the mature period, that is to say whether it is the Internet or mobile Internet market, there have been too many gold opportunity, entrepreneurs need to find a new direction;

, for example, >

from the above analysis, we can easily see that community O2O generally exist three categories of operators: IT Internet, sect, real estate, sects, banks, home appliances, sects". As the name suggests, IT Internet "sect", mainly from the IT or Internet industry cut into the community market; real estate property "sect", that is, developers and property companies engaged in community O2O services; and >


third, the real estate market entered the transition period, the major real estate companies through the property company’s market value to overweight community real time after mining, the wisdom of the community and the community of O2O into a new direction of development of real estate;



before I am feeling, thought I was not missing, but not retarded quexinyan, why we can’t play these miracles, but these kids play? Like Zuckerberg, never graduated from college, has not been to school, even a day never played he, how can manage a thousands of employees of the company

fourth, the country to promote the wisdom of community building, community care, community health care is the focus of livelihood services, real estate, home appliances, IT and other related giants have overweight intelligence community projects;

seventh, the traditional property services have been unable to keep up with changes in the market, there are many problems in the community environment, more and more property companies are actively changing;

in today’s sub sectors, O2O competing force of the mobile Internet era, there are often entrepreneurs who asked which piece can become the next outlet. On the current industry trend, community O2O since the birth of O2O from the date of existence, but no giant birth of a different species, has not been abandoned by entrepreneurs, and until today, there are still opportunities. The following I will take you to the community O2O remaining opportunities to do the analysis.

fifth, the electricity supplier retail to the community market extension, takeaway, fresh, convenience stores become new directions for the electricity supplier, the community electricity supplier market has become one of the focus of the electricity supplier giant focus;

since there are so many good theoretical opportunities in the community O2O, what about the prototype of the product?

and 85 after discussion 1

everyone needs Mentor. There’s no miracle in the world,


everyone can understand this principle, but in the company, there will be a generation gap. Now, we 70 are following the next generation of young people to reason, especially after 85, sometimes into a "dead circle". Some 85 after 70 years of experience and experience do not agree, or even a resistance to psychology, do not want to hear. I think it is necessary to communicate with 85 people: behind every huge commercial miracle, there are countless Mentor involved.

is the man behind the young hero, known as Mentor, which is most close to the Chinese word, is the apprentice of "master", similar to the "Star Wars" inside Yoda, "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" in Zhang Sanfeng, "journey to the west" inside the Bodhi old Zu, they often impart a skill, or guide a direction.

second, in the O2O trend, O2O development has entered the era of district BAT oligopoly, entrepreneurial opportunity also very few, the community is the extension direction of the natural development of O2O, so many startups naturally turned to the community or home O2O;

sixth, life services, consumer demand is booming, home service market rise, Internet Co want to integrate all kinds of vertical home service, inadvertently, their feet have stepped into the community market.

later, when I went to Silicon Valley and contacted the entrepreneurs there, I found that many entrepreneurs in China were misled by the story of the American dream. The truth is, there’s no miracle in this world. Media reports only highlight the young heroes, not prominent old heroes, that is, the media in order to cater to the interests of readers, the story into a miracle, is for the media to sell their own better.

eighth, the community O2O opportunities are not limited to the north, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other big cities, 234 line cities also have the opportunity,.

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