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Wang Wei habitually picked up an ashtray and cigarette lighter as he stood up and took a deep breath. He smoked three cigarettes during the two hours he was interviewed by Phoenix tech.


Abstract: "the media anxiety is mainly from the manuscript content well, but now too many uncontrollable factors, but also to le money people are our friends, even if there are a lot of strange users also through friends of friends, and we are based on trust, so we is trembling, very careful."

after 6 years, the Internet finance into the Red Sea, but behind the intense competition is substandard industry chaos: many financing projects declared illegal fund-raising fund-raising number exceeds upper limit; high interest Lanchu platform "pool" project financing; information opaque; financing Guarantee corporation own self borrow. Chaos industry after the paradox is, while "repayment of principal and interest" has become almost the norm, did not dare to break the enterprise; on the other side, the P2P platform to run away frequent news of capital chain rupture, this year more than 100 financing Guarantee Corporation went bankrupt.

media industry will switch to "going ashore," but the news veteran’s anxiety has not been lost because of the transition. In 2014, Wang Wei founded P2B platform music money, he is known as the former editor in chief of hexun, ifeng, earlier, he in the ICBC and Guotai Junan Securities in the credit and investment banking.

"the pressure is greater than ever.". Do media anxiety is mainly from the manuscript content well, but now too many uncontrollable factors, but also to le money people are our friends, even if there are a lot of strange users also through friends of friends, and we are based on trust, so we are very careful with." Wang Wei says.

apple can develop the company so big, certainly not only led by Jobs the wise, the so-called will no weak soldiers, apple certainly brings together numerous talents. If you need evidence to prove that Apple has a lot of crazy talent, then the following Xiaobian to bring you all the content will be the most powerful proof. We’ve taken stock of all the quality companies that Apple employees have created since they left the company, ranging from cloud computing, gaming, and home appliances.

clearly, this and frequently financing hundreds of millions of dollars, dozens of projects at the same time sell some net loan platform compared to slow action. But look at Wang Wei >

Nest Labs, a high-tech home product company created by Tony Fadell, the father of Apple’s iPod. Former apple iPod Department Senior Vice President Tony Fadell, was one of Apple’s top engineers, known as iPod behind the genius engineers, and later because of personal reasons to leave the company. After leaving office, Tony Fadell, in 2011 with the former iPod, iPhone chief engineer Matt Rogers together, created his own company – Nest Labs.

in 2008, Wang Wei left the financial sector, the idea of building a P2B platform, but then the financial crisis struck, entrepreneurial ideas also shelved.

Android’s father Andy Rubin had finally found striking one snag after another at Apple, R & D investment targets, the achievements of a story. Andy Rubin began his career in apple in the early 90s, participating in the company’s first tower computer, Quadra, and the first soft modem modem research and development work in history. Then resolutely choose to join the handheld department independent from the Apple Corp General Magic, then Andy Rubin after the collapse of the company has experienced a striking one snag after another career path.

time after simmering, Nishajuxia more prominent brand value. Wang Wei will sound risk control advantage system as distinguished from money music industry, media background makes money music team attaches great importance to the brand, at the same time to negotiate with financial institutions, the product design has a broader imagination. Wang Wei defined the core of music money with "cross-border".



"now it looks like it was a bad decision.". The financial crisis is an opportunity for quality projects to emerge, in China’s currency situation, never worry about lack of money, and worry about no quality projects." He recalls.

from April on-line so far, happy money sold a total of 25 financing projects, of which 4 have been successful repayment of principal and interest payments, the total amount of financing close to 70 million.

, Microsoft, entrepreneurship and other choices, he has all experienced, and finally he established a company called Android, determined to develop an open source mobile phone operating system platform. The symbol of the Android green little robot has since gone out of hand and ushered in a revolution in the mobile world. Later, after shlf1314 acquired Android, Andy Rubin joined shlf1314, has now become vice president of shlf1314 engineering, Android development leader. This collection of many invention patents is a genius invention

when people are guessing when he will be aimed at what the new IT product, Tony Fadell, the choice of household products beyond all expectations can be neglected, the automation of intelligent temperature controller was launched at the end of the BestBuy best buy in short supply, has won the CES 2012 Best Innovation Award of Science and technology. Since its establishment, the company has attracted many shlf1314, Microsoft, apple and other heavyweight technology companies, technical elite, and even boarded the apple application store stage.


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