Two display types in shlf1314 ADWORDSTelecom operators should straighten the website

1, the content of advertising is the biggest characteristic, display quantity can be freely set, you can set the free flow rate of consumption, even one day millions of advertising, as long as you can, shlf1314 can help you consume, which is its advantages, is to have a large display advertising and advertising consumption.

sometimes, search advertising profits, but the content of the ad is not profitable, for example you sell plane advertising, if it is done so that your advertising content, advertising, most do not buy the aircraft.

we often see the ads in shlf1314 ads on some websites, that is, content display, that is, automatically match the content of the website, to show the advertising, that is, content display.


so how do we choose the two ads, or do we have to do that,

for competitive advertising, you must first use search ads, and then use content ads.

through search advertising, testing the profit, and then test the content of advertising, once the profit, then a large area of promotion.

: webmaster always cheat, disadvantage is that a large amount of traffic is consumed, even if their shlf1314 account to K out, do not give us money, there is a little direct intention is that customer is not strong, if I look at the video site, I saw an ad, is sell video equipment, perhaps I would point out, but I’m not really going to buy.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

in ADWORDS, there are two modes of display, one is content display, and the other is search and display.

2, search show, the drawback is that traffic restrictions, by keywords to limit, such as selling aircraft, maybe a day search, buy aircraft few people. The advantage is that the purpose is strong, no one cheats, no one disorderly point, only interested people can go point.

we search for some keywords, often on the right side of the shlf1314 ads, such as our search glasses, may be out of the glasses related advertising.

      recently, the author was a friend’s request, made a local operators in the e-commerce operation of a report. Through on-the-spot investigation, the author found that the two leading local mobile operators and telecommunications have opened the store on the net section, but in terms of the development of the number of members or all operators and the wide audience is not consistent from the transaction popularity, from the online store in the home position, seems to have not been a great deal of attention, nor on the business to do extensive advertising.

      in the telecom operators to talk about the transformation of today, one of the important direction of the Internet is the future operators to enter, but why do they seem to want to do but dare not go dry? In fact, according to my observation, these websites and other online shopping mall is not much difference in the mode of operation, if the mobile telecom operators such as economic strength recklessly may occupy a certain market, but must rely on the money to hit the market, otherwise it is difficult to get cheap, no wonder they can’t do online shopping mall the air with its shape, no fruit.

      I think, operators do traditional e-commerce sites, although not their line of business, but there are many advantages available. First of all, all kinds of wired and wireless network access resources in the hands of the hands of the operator, the operator can be publicized on their web sites through various channels and terminals, to ensure high advertising coverage, so customers to the Internet must through their network; secondly, a major bottleneck problems of e-commerce payment security is, if operators can make full use of telephone, mobile phone as a micro payment tool that will reduce the risk of payment to a great extent, together with the operator’s strong brand reputation as a guarantee, online transactions will be more assured; furthermore, operators can use multiple channels for marketing, online shopping can be used mobile phone or PHS registered, when Internet users through the website after consumption, when the next site has the same kind of goods by SMS to inform, improve the number of transactions, but also can be appropriate to combine telecom business concessions for bundling. Of course, the electronic commerce industry today especially online mall field has seen a large websites like Taobao, eBay, pat net has considerable strength, operators can take spark Liaoyuanzhishi with competition, but also requires considerable capital investment.

      therefore, the operation of the online mall operators did not make full use of their own advantages, only COPY people’s operation mode, we should have a space for one person in the electronic commerce and the internet.

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