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4. changes are opportunities. Changes in the environment will bring opportunities to all walks of life. Through these changes, new prospects will be found. Changes can include: changes in the industrial structure; scientific and technological progress; communication innovation; economic information; services; values and life

money before you ask yourself, you are not really love this kind of work in the online mode, but don’t only think of money, but can not think of how to pay, for example, would you like to write blogs every day more than a dozen or two, and sometimes no one can have good traffic, you have to do this for one a month or more for you? "

this is a concern for every friend who joins Taobao. When you haven’t made any money yet, you can buy something through your own links so that you can experience the joy of making money and the confidence to make money. Want to really make money, have to adhere to and pay efforts, each Taobao customers use different ways of making money. Some chat with friends to promote, and some to do web site, you can be a crown shop, or women’s shopping guide what, and there is in the forum post, attract people to buy. For novice Taobao guests, my advice is to blog, write articles about the product, and then add links. In fact, this effect is very good, the key is to make the article SEO do very well, this can go to see the SEO tutorial, and at the beginning or to learn and familiar with Taobao based. Then you have the right direction, then you know what you are suitable for. Novice friends also want to take a look at my station: www.fineshe understand how I promoted. Many promotion methods, as long as their intentions are done can earn the money, of course, want to earn more money, you need to use their brains, to come up with better promotion methods, the best is you do not know the Internet, you can also write your own tutorial for oh.

, that’s the biggest question for novice friends who’ve just worked for Taobao. Say Money talks, bullshit walks., and we are still people, so we will be most willing to do Taobao customers, but if Taobao is deceitful or not to earn money, even if the ghost doesn’t do a thankless task. In fact, Taobao is able to earn money, as long as you think, after all, is Ali mother service, presumably not fooled people, the more important thing is a lie and not for a long time, Taobao has been for two years, is increasing in the form, also want to make money as early as possible. Can not make money, there are not so many webmasters and newcomers in droves.

1. can Taobao really make money,

1., "negative" will find the opportunity. The so-called pursuit of "negative" is to focus on those who are "distressed" and "troubled"". Because it is distressing, it is troubled, people are always eager to solve, and if you can provide a solution, in fact, is to find the opportunity.

3., why didn’t I make money on Taobao?

2. Taobao customers how to make money?

what do I want to do? What interests me? What kind of skills have I learned? What skills have I developed? What am I good at?

core tip: there was a period when college students rushed into the Internet and created a false impression that it was only a Huashan road. A day ago in Shanghai Zhangjiang cup business plan competition, the first collection of business plan actually has more than 90% website business plan. A survey conducted by a famous university in Shanghai also found that the first choice for college students is to set up websites because they are convenient and expensive. The craze includes too many bubbles and has long been engaged in…

"The ? ?

as we enter the Internet began to Wangzhuan trip, we will encounter a variety of problems at the same time, we will encounter countless troubles. We continue to explore, continue to pursue, finally happy thing we know Taobao off this Wangzhuan project, because he is very simple, almost everyone can do, but we will have a lot of questions, here are some confusion I just felt off into Taobao, you will think so come, I can answer these questions.

asked himself a few more questions and watched more of life. We could find opportunities for entrepreneurship in many ways:

boom includes too many bubbles," says Professor Shen Ruimin of the Department of computer science at the Shanghai Jiaotong University, a long distance education system. "There’s a lot of bubbles in the current web site.

once there was a stage when college students rushed into the Internet and created a false impression that it was only a Huashan road for college students. A day in Shanghai before the "Zhangjiang Cup" business plan competition, the first collection of business plan actually has more than 90% website business plan. A survey conducted by a famous university in Shanghai,, also found that the first choice for students to start a business is to establish a web site, because the "convenient" and "quick money"".

2. has the opportunity to focus on the needs of certain customers. Opportunities can not be sought from all customers, because common needs are easy to understand, and it is hard to find a breakthrough. In fact, each person’s needs are different, and if we pay attention to some people’s daily life and work, we will find some opportunities. Therefore, looking for opportunities, should be used to customer classification, such as government staff, university lecturer, magazine editor, primary, single women, retired workers, seriously study the characteristics of all kinds of personnel needs, opportunities from now.

3. takes advantage of "low tech". The development of high-tech fields is a hot topic nowadays, but entrepreneurial opportunities do not only belong to the high-tech field". In transportation, finance, health care, diet and circulation, these so-called "low technology areas" also have opportunities, the key is development.

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