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the day I received the bouquet, I was just happy to read it, but I cried. You two years ago, I first hang said: "hope can make you feel the city of Hangzhou is warm." Yes, it has always been warm, but I have occasionally turned a blind eye to this, too much care of other people’s emotions, but a little neglected, has been standing behind the protection of self willed you."

with micro-blog’s rage, more and more people are choosing to start their business on micro-blog.

does not have an entity store, or even a registered Taobao store, only on micro-blog constantly updated product plans and 140 word promotional copy, or occasionally supplemented by telephone orders. This approach is not only simple, but its cost is closer to zero. Micro-blog’s self media features make it possible for these alternative stores to win word of mouth and popularity in the most economical way. At the same time, the owner’s creativity and content production capacity has become increasingly important.

called "heart lake view music" micro-blog flower shop, its reputation and reputation is little bit of accumulation in this user’s spontaneous transmission.

4, look at each other. Who is watching each other? Several do best on the sidelines, because of a city to take good, but do you have? Are you no matter which method is used, have not made good copy, why? Culture, customs, and local situation, are not the same, so there is no duplication.

1, Tencent and Ali’s injection is the ultimate move to stir up the field of key action, so taxi App should thank Tencent and Ali in the capital circle for the field of warm field. Because of WeChat’s drive, the mobile Internet industry has become increasingly explosive, and both the Internet giant and the investment community are staring at it. Internet giant is afraid, because a step later, even after ten steps, also can not catch back. So we often see that these internet giants will not only have business acquisitions, but there will be some strategic acquisitions. Take Tencent and Ali, WeChat a product will allow Tencent’s status counter attack, Ali acquired unfamiliar street is ten steps later

in the information search and precipitation on the part of the weakness means that no brightens up the contents of any information are likely to be submerged in the multitude of information flow, it is difficult to find.

its status quo,

in fact, orders affected by the holidays, presents the obvious time characteristics, while micro-blog payment credit and other conditions are not perfect, resulting in a large number of orders once struck, the background system suffered a severe test. Before then, wild >



this is a newly pregnant wife in her husband received for ordering flowers, in micro-blog’s speech, and speak together with the bouquet photos posted to micro-blog, drew a message and colleagues praise.


there is no price list, no catalogue. The flowers ordered must be paid in advance and no shapes are provided in advance. The most representative of these micro-blog flower shops is the Shanghai wild animal shop. What’s more, when you are free, the Amber, a florist who sends flowers to the florist, will also use micro-blog to tell you the story of the flowers behind each bouquet of flowers. Beautiful pictures and romantic stories immediately attracted the attention of users. In just over half a year, the fans of the wild animals have risen to more than 110 thousand.


, on the one hand, means that micro-blog stores are better suited for products that are easy to visually display and disseminate, and can produce impulse consumption. Flowers are a rare category.

3, the north and the South have a big influence, around a small circle of princes, but there are a few places, nobody guard, no one attack, the attack did not win. For example, Shanghai, the taxi industry has been highly monopolized, the electricity bidding system is relatively perfect, who would like to plug a foot, is not easy.

to some extent, micro-blog shop is a bit close to watercress station: a high degree of community, emphasis on personality and emotional attributes, but in weakening the commercial at the same time, but also to large-scale expansion has become difficult.

entrepreneurship and regulation has recently become a hot topic. Miserable faith band a song called "no", there are few such lyrics: "don’t believe the rules, do not believe in order not to believe, do not believe the experience, lessons". Although a little young cynic, but the high-speed era, if there is what accident, it really is not what strange things. Well, enter the title, let’s talk about the recent mobile Internet grassroots Prince – taxi App.

why did anyone vote for

in a car wash average cost of only 20 yuan country, only tax evasion to profitability of the industry, but also want to get a slice of, and the beggar bowl grab meal no difference.


1, the first to say that the current pet in the field, that is, respectively, Tencent and Ali acquisition didi taxi and fast taxi. The north, South and North, an empire, a Jiangnan, each according to one side of the water, rooted in a market.

2, and other little princes. Open mobile phone with "taxi" as the keyword search, you will get a list of the App recommendation, and there will be a place for the foundation of the local taxi App, they are doing? He could keep good! If their city, and some words to expand around the capital, it might also you can find it, to say the least, only their own city guard, can be mixed by the industry big brother bought, is also a good destination.

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