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, but as a PE institution, after the new three board, the biggest pressure may come from 5· 27 new deal. We’ve been zoned out since we’ve been out of stock, and then we’re here.

company, from last year to this year, in addition to conventional business, basically expanded business did not do. This is also affected by the core provisions of the 5· 27 new policy: management fee income and performance compensation must be accounted for more than 80% of revenue sources. This brings confusion. In practice, the more money you make, the more you don’t measure up to it.

in fact, at a deeper level, the new deal has also changed the fortunes of these companies to some extent. Over the past year, the new board of PE institutions are how to spend? In the future, how they intend to develop

the main function of the new three board is: I do not know if you have the ability, but I know you are very healthy. The essence is to bask in the sun". After the third board, our business is more standardized than before.

5· 27, the new deal has not yet been given specific rules, which to some extent disturbed the operation of the company. I wonder if it would be good to do so, or is it just conservative?.

May 27th, the new three board private rectification deadline is approaching.

read that you’ve met the president of a new board, PE. The following is a confession from the PE institute.

does not make money, will be scolded by shareholders, earn money, it may not meet the requirements. Therefore, the company would like to open, anyway, money is always the first priority, then make money quickly. But it’s so easy to make money. After all, it’s because there are so many things we dare not do.

, the stronger the company’s earnings, and this is really the benefit of the new board.

at the beginning of the process of operation site owners to miss the helpless feeling, no code, no, do not understand the construction method of SEO, and not many do not understand of my frustration. And in the early site to resist this frustration is not easy, there is a lot of new domain name was born, but the real development of the domain name is few, why? Because many owners can not tolerate what all don’t understand but, in abandoning their Internet business. At that time I will own confusion to the students about the students told me, no matter what things are very difficult, if you can not insist that only give up, but eventually you on this road is nothing, I want to listen to the students said: for a long time, I finally decided to use 1 months time to at the beginning of the establishment of the learning technology, if you can not give up success. 1 months have passed, and I have become thin in this month, but my knowledge of the Internet has increased, I feel the joy of building a site.

, we are now the task of every day, and so on, 5·, 27 New Deal implementation details, so although on the new three board, but with the listing before there is not much difference.

an article about the author as a college student in the process of innovation in the development of web experience, today I want to share is to, during my stay in school to learn a lot about adhering to the article, these articles have focused on the theory, also has emphasis on the narration of the author, and pen the stick is on the author’s own experience. I do stand as a college student how to persevere in the success.

is likely to face pressure in some areas because it is doing business.

Perhaps less

, for example, get a listed company

so it’s hard for us to play. But if it’s conservative, the company has no money to make. The hardest part is getting a call from investors every day asking how the correction is going. In fact, the company is also worried about the people, the key is no way to reply, we can only say that the transfer of shares or stock transfer has not yet been announced.

in the operation of the site for second months, perhaps he was impatient, on Taobao to buy some links, these links with the slogan is "improve the rankings, the real benefits", it is this sentence I spent 50 yuan to buy a couple of PR links, where know these links are brought out for the days of the disaster site, link to purchase a week after I check the rankings when found that the input site site in the search engine was not found, then I quickly in the sh419 search on this question, the answer is finally website search engine K out, and a lot of Internet the friend also told me to give up this website now, but I can not be reconciled, so Taobao to a seller of doubt, and resolute will buy links removed, then I found it on the Internet Many solutions, these solutions have a common characteristic: updated daily articles + insist for a long time, perhaps is the character of it, regardless of the site have ranked I will continue to adhere to write some original articles on the site every day, so in anguish persisted for 10 days, one day I was in the search engine when the search site miraculously found the site, I think heaven pays off! Can be seen from here no matter whether you are new or old webmaster webmaster, as long as we persist in what he thinks is right, so in the Internet is not what you can do.

site recovery, I again in the Internet to listen to can quickly increase the chain method, that is to use BBS signature outside chain, so that only >

over the past year, due to the arrival of private New Deal, the new three board private sector embarked on a differentiated development path. Some choose decisively stripping private business, some transition Financial Holdings, and some have yet to move.

is playing hard, or is it conservative? We’re crazy about

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