The gold stand Grassroots webmaster do Wangzhuan cannot play the edge ballEasy textile and clothing

from 08 years, the fiery door event, the rise of the gate type event site blog, no less than 100. Key parts of the mosaic, ah, the heart implies that he did not touch the bottom line, is a touch ball.

as we all know, keyword traffic in hot door events is terrible, and the demand for "sexual" interest rates is strong. Keyword optimization to the first 2 pages allows you to get an incredible amount of traffic. Relative to the general keywords, not optimized to the first page, there is no traffic at all, the advantages are quite obvious.

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and then put some SkyDrive downloaded into, even if it is domestic IP, but the amount of downloads, and profit is still very good. The key is dead here, SkyDrive make money is indeed a big piece of cake. However, as long as the sharing of resources, it is no longer playing edge ball, it has been out of the circle, the law has crossed the line, has constituted an offense.

gate event station large flow

audit methods: advertisers audit

a lot of people think about it, they don’t do it forever. To do is to do, never wash off, don’t bother you a few years ago, once verified, or as illegal. For higher edge ball, never to touch.

ad price: 3.5 yuan /1000IP

settlement cycle: weekly closing

data returned: real time return

actually, you’ve been outside the

you always thought it was illegal to play with a stick ball. The law provides that, in addition to the media and other special organs and units, any unauthorized disclosure of information other acts are violations of other people’s privacy violations. Moreover, the "gate incident station", are related to "sexual" interest, it is a serious offense. Reprint is also not allowed, please remember, as long as the announcement to your site, you have to shoulder the corresponding responsibility.

people in the sex is often greater than the interest of


profiteering temptation,


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, who works for IT, has a very sensitive nose for online earnings. A new profit point of exposure, immediately on the bandwagon, fishing for a pen. Buy stand is, the gate event station is also. Today we are mainly talking about the gate of events". It is easy to get this temptation flow, make Wangzhuan is clear. No tech class at all. Casually paste it cited point, slightly optimized, the flow of tens of thousands of day is small.

reprinted please indicate gold station >

all the time

can’t be washed away. Never touch

has a lot of traffic, then the transformation of temptation advertising, on dating advertising, XX advertising props, do attractive advertising knows, the click rate is not generally high, coupled with such a site, here is certainly a considerable demand for it, the profit is considerable

a lot of people are playing with fire, trying to touch the bottom line of the law, to see how lenient the law is to them, to take advantage of the law and touch the ball.

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