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is the first type of MLM / direct marketing, because they need offline. I don’t evaluate it. If it’s direct marketing, you think you have the strength to do it. If it’s pyramid selling, you should be better off.

is the first student group: Wangzhuan for primary students,

online can be seen everywhere such advertising: free or low-cost learning, earn 100 yuan per day thousand yuan technology. Whether this is true or false advertising, I give everyone revealed today! Logic sense, of course, is a lie, free or low-cost learning day earn hundred thousand yuan, now that he has such a technology, why would he tell you that you are not his relatives and friends, you spend one hundred dollars money to buy ten thousand dollars, there is such a good thing!


third is suitable for Wangzhuan: college students, graduate students in

stretched claws, tie with pleasure sales. Nature will not accept their brainwashing left, they successfully brainwashed naturally very trust them, then this time, they will generally offer to buy their own space, domain name, marketing software and so on, because you have been brainwashed, so many people will be out of money. We should run faster before they reach out.

second is a naked scam.

second is higher by two months to help owners write articles, software testing, testing and so on these games to make money, make money to consume certain types of mental than physical Wangzhuan, for example you write a draft of the forum, you will think of how to write the article, how to write the article to attract customers and so on. Have you in the game or software testing, you will find that these tests are skills, such as the now popular game test are skills, when the test can use some software to open. This requires more mental than physical Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, if done well to earn thousands of dollars each month is still relatively easy.


so far, their purpose has been achieved.

the way to differentiate between direct marketing and pyramid selling is my personal view: direct selling products are generally cheaper than good products. And MLM is generally no product or product, there is no value, or more expensive than similar products, not easy to use.

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what’s their purpose,

A few days before the

the second step: start washing, take you into the group, or voice chat room, to tell you their false experience, but this is empty talk, can not guarantee 100% people to accept their brainwashing, but there will always be people who accept their brainwashing. So be wise. Don’t be brainwashed by anyone. Every word they say must go through your head. Don’t follow other people’s thinking.

is higher earned by their own labor, also known as physical wangzhuan. This type of code includes Wangzhuan, earn post top stick earn, email and mass information to make money, earn these methods have a common characteristic: the consumption of physical strength and stable income, if better Wangzhuan is feasible can earn some pocket money in 1 months. Click start to appear after some code verification code, after verification code input out these letters or numbers, then a successful one, to be honest in the industry a little tired, if there is spare time every day and is not high on the economic requirements of the students can choose, now most people already do this. The relative post and email has more advantages than the code, the students themselves can also discuss. Below this picture is I in the pig to inquire about the post of the task, I personally think that every month to earn a little money is still possible, as for the code to make money, you can also give up properly.


, the first step: PS or modify the HTML code, get a lot of collection charts, resulting in the illusion of their profits. in the future to see the online payment chart must be careful to think about is true or false!

end of the college entrance examination, many schools have to immediately start my summer vacation, during the long summer vacation many students feel find things to do, want to go out to look for a part-time job, in fact, I think that as a student can also use the home computer to earn some pocket money, a few years ago I was from the small type of Internet Wangzhuan do now, here I talk about what the students can do some type of Wangzhuan during summer vacation.

second Wangzhuan crowd: suitable for students of high school and college students

The first kind of

extension on the first two of third kinds of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is to set up a web site to make money, this type is currently a lot of students in the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site needs to establish by, first in the domain name registration website domain name registration, rent space, selection procedures, which need to have Wangzhuan economic basis and technical ability, general this is online in the first few months.

The third step:


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