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based on this, some Brazil enterprises specialized in China to learn. During late June 2016, Brazil O2O Industry Alliance delegation visit to China, visited many China O2O leading enterprises, 58 home, send, marriage fun live delicacy pie, Mei technology, fun medicine net interest protection network, such as unbounded space leading domestic O2O industry and the joint office space have their weapon.

over the past few years, Brazil suffered a severe financial crisis, political crisis has hindered the economic recovery of Brazil, Brazil high-speed economic development during the period of many corruption scandals has brought more problems, Brazil economic downturn has a direct impact on the employment market.

if you can’t control the API program and use the database to update the web site, then it’s easy to make changes on the page, change the text, increase or decrease the number of modules locally. Do not move too often at one time. Let the search engine think you’re constantly updating. If the change is too frequent, it is not good, just beginning, I often change the station source code, change keywords. sh419 is not included directly. Remember, don’t always change, never change. Make minor changes to the page over a period of time. Even if the content of the product is the same, the layout of the location adjustment, the page classified navigation changes, for the site is also beneficial.

these two days, the Olympic Games are held in Brazil in full swing, but do you know how the business in Brazil is going on,

what’s the opportunity for the Brazil market,

first said that the number of Chinese entrepreneurs in traditional industries in Brazil was large, mostly from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Fujian and Guangdong. Some even developed to the four or five generation. General operating department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, import and export trade.

for guest station API, the probability of the page content change is very small, should not be difficult to find, in accordance with the home sales rankings are always so few goods. Because the seller to catch up from behind is too small, good selling commodity rankings will not change much, at least this is top. So this leads to the fact that the content of the API station seems to remain the same for a long time, so to speak. The search engine will look like you haven’t been updated for a long time, and you won’t have much interest in a search engine that doesn’t update. If your site is downloaded from the Internet, the so-called famous API source code, then the search engine attention to the smaller the.


self-employed, of course, is not limited to Internet start-ups, selling their own small commodities in the streets, but also entrepreneurship. In general, Small and micro businesses in Brazil is very large, Brazil Small and micro businesses support service center survey released, in 18 to 64 years old adults in Brazil, every 10 people have 3 people to own the company or are involved in entrepreneurship. Most of these entrepreneurs started from small micro enterprises. According to statistics, there are about 6 million small and micro enterprises in Brazil, constituting 97% of the total number of enterprises.

some time ago to raise a Babel of criticism of sh419 K API station Amoy business, but now there are still many webmasters use the API website, the advantage of API is self-evident. There are a lot of cattle owners, has come to the fore, ranking sh419 search home. It had to let us these new API station stationmaster thought.


some webmaster site for a long time, included has not been a breakthrough. If you are using the API source code downloaded from the Internet, then look at the following text, perhaps it will help you. Because I used to be a copy webmaster, through many practices, I found that even if the use of the same source code as others, still can be different. The trick is: adjust, micro adjust. If your station has been stable included, but not much, most of the reason is that your station and other people have been included in the station too much duplication of content, or your station content has not been updated for a long time. API station of this shortcoming should be included in the impact of a factor it.

but most of the small and micro enterprises in Brazil are concentrated in the traditional service sector, and there is relatively little investment in scientific and technological innovation. For this reason, the Brazil government has introduced a number of policies to encourage innovation. Given that Brazil’s economic structure is similar to that of China, and that the Brazil mobile Internet is two or three years behind China, O2O in China has been badly affected by many people. Brazil is a very promising industry at present. According to sh419 released the "Brazil O2O industry white paper" shows that Brazil O2O market potential of up to 1 trillion reais $260 billion, 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan, the top three were fresh daily life services, distribution services and room service.

according to these Chinese people, Brazil’s traditional entrepreneurial environment is good, because in the final analysis, like us

in this case, the number of Brazilians who choose to start their own businesses has increased year by year. According to "people’s Daily" reported on October 2015, according to statistics on the 6 main city of the Brazil Bureau of statistics, the National Geographic, currently has 19.8% employees through self employment, it is estimated that about 4 million 500 thousand people. This is the highest proportion of self-employed entrepreneurs since December 2006 in Brazil.

search engine updated frequently, he also frequented the page, change slowly, not only attracted a search engine, and make yourself stand slowly become out of the ordinary, the website and others similar places to get rid of. For a long time, included, and the content is unique. As for the scope and frequency of the amendment, we should grasp it ourselves, not too frequently. That is, after the change, we should make some original, part and part changes. Not long, your website will certainly be included in the greatly increased.

O2O market is about to enter a period of explosive growth

rarely write articles, the level of lack of some, share this experience to everyone, I wish you all the net!

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