How do the optimization of internal links to local tourism website

The first

for example, the author adds the tourism related article page, related pages, tourist attractions related attractions price in Guizhou tourism network page content page, in accordance with the appearance of the page to design correlation page, like the Amazon website products, buy this product also bought the product and similarly, see the tourist attractions of the people also see other attractions Raiders, it can be seen that both hardly what relationship is the relationship between tourism and the contents of it, but one thing is the design need to find technical personnel to complete the page.


internal links second function is to transfer the anchor text, anchor text believes that many webmaster all know, is an important optimization, and it is very important not only for internal links, and the effect is very good, but I suggest is the only need to do the anchor text in the content page, not recommended in or navigation with anchor a large number of text pages, the main recommendation is to anchor text of the page, and in >

internal links is to provide web pages included in this channel, to a direct effect on the website page, so the author thinks that do internal links to local tourism website, add in the content page in the article page, product page is a good choice. For those in the content page in the relevant page can be displayed through the serial number or random page, then is not sufficient or not good pages listed on these included on the page, but I believe that as far as possible random can also be recommended, which can provide a collection of channels and the search engine will climb to the page, and the coverage is very wide.

, in the content page to add the page link

two, in the content page add relevant anchor text

for the local tourism website, internal link optimization is better than the external links of the website optimization, in this season, a lot of local tourism sites are beginning to optimize website optimization, in order to save cost and personnel in order to controllability, generally choose the internal link optimization, and the internal link function is also very powerful, can provide included channel web page content, can transfer all kinds of anchor text, the optimization effect is very good. The basic optimization of internal link local tourism website and all of the following author.


‘s website has been one of the important steps to optimize the site, many owners also pay more attention to the optimization of internal links, and internal links is under his control, Shanghai Longfeng personnel deployed directly internal links on your site can be, without outside chain that there was a long-term accumulation. At present, the summer season has arrived at the same time, the tourism golden week followed, at this time all the major tourist sites have been fully optimized, especially the local tourism website, most important is the optimization of the chain.

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