How can the better be popular search engine


we released some text, appropriate to add some beautiful pictures, let us look more vivid articles, also inadvertently we extended the length of the article, we make it more convenient for paging processing, and also let the user feel our content more attractive to us, PV value is have some help, and for this search engine is love, we love the sea from the flag "

(two) sets the automatic page for our page function.

(a) on the contents of the article are longer paging processing.

Oh! In

release an article, the content is often very much, the article page volume rises substantially, naturally the page loading speed will become slower, but is not conducive to the user experience, why do you say that, in fact, you can think about it, if you see a particularly long article, Luo Li Suo, you will have to read the desire? As can be imagined, so I suggest you for longer articles must be paging processing, it is not only conducive to the user experience, will also increase the amount included in our website, is favored by search engines, we released from some large portal sites such as Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other news can be seen, they almost every article page at The.

with the Internet constantly sublimation, all the functions are conducive to the user experience and website developers continue to explore and use our words, so for some sites, such as the novel site, users do not need to stop the flip operation while visiting, so in this case if we increase the automatic page function words for the site, no doubt than other sites more than a feature not? And I do not stand in the period before the closing of a page also found that many users love to open a web page, then we add the function of automatic page, as can be imagined PV value can not you when we PV? Well, so that a search engine will think that the site is a strong user experience of the site, it will naturally have a good site for you The impression of

talked about high quality articles published in the website, I believe many people’s first reaction is the original content, as long as we do, and keep the original to do outside the chain, through the accumulation of time will be able to get a good ranking, but today I want to say is the article page facing the overall weight of our website plays the importance of life or death, so we must do every article, the only way to get the spider love, which accumulated more popular search engine, then how can we go to a good control article, make it more to the search engines like? Here to share with you some I do this article on the station during the

I found that many of the sites in the

(three) can be illustrated article favored by a search engine.

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