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editor’s note: the author of this article NeilPatal, Forbes contributor. He is one of the founders of CrazyEgg, HelloBar and Kissmetrics, has helped Amazon, NBC, HP and Viacom to enhance profits. The Wall Street journal says he is the most influential person in the Internet industry, and entrepreneur magazine says his company is among the top 100 companies in the world.

entrepreneurs, whether successful or not, when you ask them what kind of entrepreneurial experience, there will always be a variety of answers. Some people say that entrepreneurship is a matter of course, it just happens. Others say entrepreneurship is an irresistible trend. There are a lot of people say, entrepreneurship, because of the need.

however, almost every entrepreneur has admitted that entrepreneurship is very difficult to create their own business, not easy.

In fact,

is challenging in every profession – a troublesome colleague, a grumpy boss, a boring job, etc.. The role of entrepreneurs is particularly difficult, they must go deep into every field, everything themselves, to establish their own authority and the deterrent effect, also requires a high degree of self-discipline. The boss is the most difficult to deal with yourself, entrepreneurs like to say.

so, do you have a shortcut to start



shortcuts, usually to speed up the process of things, but it will not reduce the difficulty of things.

to see the shortcut described below, you may think that this is impossible, too difficult." That’s not what the big deal, the entrepreneurial threshold is the responsibility of all the problems of entrepreneurship. If you do not want to pay, then do not want to harvest.

1, quit

yes, quit.

I usually don’t encourage people to do some more brave than wise "feat", for example, quit a good job. But if the job has been to hinder your entrepreneurial success, it might be time to quit.

venture is not a huge risk, but tens of thousands of risks. The first risk is to resign.

you will be surprised to find that the presence of risk prompts you to make some impulsive moves. All of a sudden, you get nothing: no job, no stock bonds, no social security, no pension.

now, your destiny is completely in your own hands, you have a lot of time to make your passion into fruitful.

if you already have your own plans and ideas, even if it’s not true, maybe it’s time to walk into the boss’s office and put a smile on your resignation.

2, looking for business mentor

It is rare for

entrepreneurs to create a company on the basis of one person.


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