Analysis of how to improve the optimization of good directory website page rank

, a website has a home page but there are a number of directory pages, we can not guarantee are included, but we must ensure that every directory included. Why make every directory included? First of all, a directory will set the appropriate keywords, this directory if you even the most basic included all have no weight? How to keep the weight of keywords ranking? Secondly if the directory is not included but above this directory and navigation link it will inherit other directories but will not transfer the weight (because he no weight can pass).


directory, first of all we want to know what is the directory

2. keywords

web directory optimization is one of the most important page after the website home page weight, then how should we use website directory to keywords ranking competition? Now many webmaster website home page title is a long title placed a lot of keywords, if continue to develop targeted keywords others page title changed to several core as long as the Title would not be competitive, and if users search the long tail word or a more accurate word or words in the website home page, this is not the first time the user wants to see the content of the show will increase your bounce rate.

?The difference between

say you do Hefei industry, after the.

and How to make the To optimize the

1. target words

directory are included:

, a first catalog of keywords

directory navigation

any web navigation which will contain the keywords, general enterprise station navigation directory set to 7~8 is reasonable, because few enterprise stand content, if the correlation placed too much weight directory could result in the dispersion and the content is not high. Directory of resources is limited, so we choose the keywords must be carefully selected, the use of resources to maximize the directory.

www.moon.Net/bbs belongs to the Shanghai dragon a directory, may also be a navigation, web site navigation will set a lot of directories, but some navigation above only one keyword and no corresponding path, so as not to do is a directory, directory must have the corresponding path and its symmetry.

filled with

first we select the keyword, traffic is the lifeblood of the website we all know. Can the long tail word on the list? Of course but the premise is the long tail word search, traffic such as: Shanghai dragon is what the long term, he has considerable flow in Shanghai index, but the Shanghai dragon belongs to the most basic common sense, to search technology and Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon tools Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, if the word is not the directory they click, so similar so that even if there is a large flow of words also cannot be placed on the list.

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