Do you know how to do the details of the optimization page

1, compressed page size:

so you are not aware of the details of the page optimization optimization? When it comes to the details of the page, many people may think of these two very basic work piled up page keywords and three label writing, but the truth is love Shanghai more weak for the 2 points on the sensitivity and just do two this work is not bring much help to the page score. In fact, in addition to the 2 points, the optimization of the page there are a lot of work needs to be done:

browser cache time adjustment:

5, try to prevent similar pages exist:

whether the page picture or JS document should set the buffer time, recommended time is more than a week. One of the most important factors in the design of the page cache is now the love of spiders in Shanghai will give the page points.

2, photo:

there are many websites because there are too many similar pages included the number of heavy, even people are right down. So we must strictly control the web page similarity, and page similar work can be divided into: design three page label content writing, page layout, page.

Open and call

this is the love of Shanghai this year on the page the most sensitive place, even if only a small page size is 1KB for the page’s score will be of great help, we have to do is let your page in the peer is the smallest. This will have a gizp compression technology, if you do not understand, can let the technology company, this work must be done.

, the love of Shanghai has changed dramatically, it pays more attention to factors within the site, especially the details of the page in the page, a lot of parameters even if only small advantages are likely to page keywords ranking have a very big help, the details of the web page optimization has become a core work Shanghai dragon now.

Compression and call

after love Shanghai statistics, the Shanghai dragon Er realized a picture with Alt attribute importance, but many people ignore the small icon Alt notes, is that we need to supplement, love Shanghai now to these pages on the details of things very seriously, so even if the site has a small icon hundreds of thousands, you have to give them one by one on the Alt comments.

After the

these are related to the work page optimization for them, we should hold.


3, pictures, icon notes:

The Alt property of

image is very time consuming, we must do every picture compression of the page, so you can save a lot of space resources, so as to ensure the page opening speed. Another picture is called the best Css call, div+css page is still the most popular by the spider.

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