Analysis of large website optimization Shanghai Longfeng steady, accurate and relentless principle

3. the depth of mining user needs. Any website user is the basis of survival, therefore, the depth of mining user needs, and organize content to fully meet the needs of users, gradually let the target users of the site to form trust and dependence, this is, large sites must do homework.

5. good user management, allowing users to create valuable content. Almost all of the search engine, all love fresh content. In a sense, a large website, if you allow users to actively create valuable content, it can almost make Shanghai Longfeng optimization work easily in half. However, large sites, many users, if not with the guidance and management, is likely to bring a lot of garbage sites, what policy may bring hidden dangers to the site. Therefore, we should pay attention to user generated content, and to do well the user management, with the greatest efforts to avoid disorderly behavior due to the user’s site to bring risk.

1. set up brand awareness. For example: Web page title does not need to keep an eye on those popular keywords, but the main website name, through long-term operation and promotion of the website, and ultimately the formation of a strong memory in the minds of visitors, visitors can directly enter URL or direct search site name to access the website.

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large website investment, involves many resources, at the same time, Shanghai dragon is a double-edged sword, so to large website development of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, if the wrong direction or poor execution, may cause huge losses. Therefore, Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy for large sites set, we first require steady, not anxious to have a big fight, do a protracted war. On the "stability", the following is we must consider:

focus on user experience. User experience framework includes both ZhengZhan structures, is also reflected in the details of the optimization on the website. Most of the time, if a website can let visitors smoothly access to every page, then, as the search engine spiders can do it easily to crawl and index pages for each one. The user experience is good, often to search engine friendly.


6. to do data mining. Do the data mining work, will give the sustainable development of the site will not be assessed.

to large website development of Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, the face of massive data, a lot of people don’t know how to do, can not find the right direction. Optimization strategy of Shanghai Longfeng large sites, according to my many years of experience, basically can be summed up in three words, that is: steady, accurate and relentless.

4. risk aversion bring chain. The construction of the chain is a very important work of Shanghai dragon. But for large sites, do not because of the chain chain, the chain of natural growth, the chain distribution is reasonable, these are the need to pay attention to the construction process of large site outside the chain in details.

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