Keywords search engine ranking is the site optimization way


1, PR value is a noble baby to comprehensive consideration of the quality of the website, the website optimization how to improve the PR value of the site? Is the most effective method and the PR value high site links, this time there is no money for indefinite things, spend some money to buy some of the pr value change of the links. A few months after the website PR natural will improve. Of course, this should combine the website frame, content optimization.

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rate of 2, in the website optimization. This is easy to do, can through some long tail word from the search engine brought to flow outside, also can be in all information portal, blog, forum, micro-blog and other local website information release you, leave your links. Of course, the network communication tools mass can also, such as e-mail, QQ, Wangwang, etc., is the effective method to improve the flow. Of course, some website optimization company, to increase traffic flow is also useful software brush flow, but no matter what, want to continue to do, keep doing real flow, site optimization flow is designed to increase the increase of real flow.

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display what is most important, PR, flow, user experience, keyword ranking? I think that in the Internet era of information overload, if want to let customers accurately find you, of course, is the keyword search engine ranking is more important.

4, website optimization ranking. This is always a difficult problem in website optimization. The flood of information as to how to make the customer the first time accurate find you. The search engine is the best choice, it is essential to choose the key words, the ranking is very important. From the search engine to customer is the high rate of conversion, the intention of customers. With the search engine promotion costs increase, the output of more and more small than today, optimization is your only choice, economical and practical. The strength of the enterprise can set up their own Shanghai dragon team, you can also find Shanghai dragon company. How to find a good website optimization company, we have explained before, the formation of the Shanghai Phoenix team? I have the opportunity to elaborate with you.

The final result of website optimization

3, website optimization of user experience optimization. This optimization is generally used in large information portal, or mall. The contents of this website are many and complex, how to allow customers to enter the site as soon as possible to find the information they want or product is the ultimate aim of structure, the column page website links. Message, payment, interactive and safety are the focus of the user experience optimization.

Optimization of

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