Allows you to quickly improve the ranking method of Google white hat

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in 2012 June when administrators are warning to the owners in the management of blog, do not casually in the chain in place no related words and content, this let the webmaster and new challenges, because many articles are collected and pseudo original over, and then insert the key words in the article, a a new article, now Google is the contents of this algorithm can identify spam, so the webmaster don’t do, what to do? I think a good way is to write a short paragraph at the end of his words, which include keywords of your site, and then send in the chain the article only at the end of each, plus you write a little words, these words will probably write readers can read some interesting websites, then describe your site’s theme. This article is not, at least not by Google think you are rubbish, a little word is fixed, it is the author’s brief introduction.

many friends in order to complete the work of the chain number, but ignore the quality of the chain, how to improve the quality of the chain? In the author’s happiness test network as an example, in an article if you insert keywords and pure web site, will not pay attention to small details? I have a look first < a code, title=" " href=" " > /a> <, the code you should understand, is an anchor text code, what is the difference between them, because I am in < a title tag between a and href, the keyword Kao Shi explained. Similarly, you do when pure links can be written, < a; href=" 贵族宝贝kuailekao贵族宝贝/" title=" Kao shi" > Kao; shi< /a> also, with title tags, emphasis on interpretation. This is to tell the search engines can make your content is what better website search engine, make the noble baby know you talk about what content, is conducive to the keywords ranking, put the mouse into a hyperlink, will link the description of the code is the actual effect is to reveal. The following figure:


noble baby is the world’s largest search engine, you should know this without introduction. As to foreign market oriented website profit without Google, as do foreign trade, game gold, but let the site quickly get good rankings, what to do, some people think that black hat tactics, let website backlinks increased a lot, actually did Google Shanghai dragon friends all know the importance of the chain. Below the author to talk about the rapid increase in Google ranking white hat techniques of

two, the method of

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